What structural characteristic of archaebacteria allows them to live in extreme environments answers com?

What structural characteristic of archaebacteria allows them to live in extreme environments answers com?

Most recent answer have there plasma membrane made of phospholipids that are composed of glycerol ether-lipids. these unique feature offers Archae bacteria ability to resist extreme conditions, unlike other bacteria whose membranes are made up of glycerol Ester lipids.

What Archaea live in extreme environments?

Some archaea are extremophiles, living in environments with extremely high or low temperatures, or extreme salinity. Only archaea are known to produce methane. Methane-producing archaea are called methanogens.

What are the different functions of Archaebacteria?

Archaea are also known to be dependent upon ether lipids for all functions relating to polar lipids. Besides these observations, another characteristic of archaebacteria is that they are capable of extracting energy and nutrition from more sources, other than eukaryotic life forms.

What are the differences of Archaea Bacteria and eubacteria?

Archaebacteria have a simple organization of structure,whereas eubacteria have a complex system.

  • The cell walls of archaebacteria are made up of pseudo peptidoglycans,whereas eubacteria’s cell walls are made up of peptidoglycans with muramic acid.
  • Archaebacteria are found in extreme environmental conditions,whereas eubacteria are found everywhere.
  • What are the types of archae bacteria?

    According to the internet, archaea are classified as a domain of bacteria that is a group of single-celled microorganisms that can survive in extreme conditions. There are three types, which are crenarchaeota, euyarchaeota, and the korarchaeota.

    What are characteristics of the ancient bacteria?

    They have various characteristics. Archaebacteria or the “ancient bacteria” are also unicellular prokaryotic microorganisms. They are generally found in ocean depths. They are capable of surviving in extreme environmental conditions. Archaebacteria are considered to be the modern form of some of the oldest bacteria found on earth.

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