Where are the Sundari trees found Class 9?

Where are the Sundari trees found Class 9?

Answer: (i) Sundari trees are found in Mangrove forests . (ii) Kerala has the highest percentage of literacy in India.

Which type of forest does Sundari tree?

Hintal and Sundari trees belong to Littoral or Tidal Forest. Littoral forests are found along the marshy coasts in the delta region and also in swampy and tidal areas. Littoral or tidal forests are also known as Mangrove Forest.

In which Habitat does a Sundari tree grow?

(family: Sterculiaceae) commonly known as Sundari (Bengali) is a preeminent mangrove plant occurring in the Sundarbans forest located in the southern part of Bangladesh and adjoining West Bengal province of India.

Where are mangrove forests found?

Mangrove forests can be found on the saltwater coasts of 118 tropical and subtropical countries, totaling more than 137,000 square kilometers (85,000 square miles) — roughly the size of Greece or Arkansas. Indonesia tops the worldwide list.

Where is Sundari tree found and what is its importance?

The fertile deltas of the Cauvery, Krishna, Mahanadi, Godavari, and Ganga comprises of mangrove forest. In the state of West Bengal, these forests are known as ‘Sundarbans the name after the largest delta. ‘. The ‘Sundari’ is the most abundant tree in these forests.

What is the scientific name of Sundari tree?

Heritiera littoralis
Heritiera littoralis/Scientific names

What is made from Sundari trees?

Answer: Sundarban is made from Sundari trees.

Is Sundari a tree?

Heritiera littoralis (Sundari Tree) is a species of tree in the family Malvaceae. They have a self-supporting growth form. They have simple, broad leaves.

What is made from the wood of Sundari tree?

Sundari trees are used for making the boat because its wood is hard strong and resistant to water .

Is coconut tree a mangrove?

The mangroves there are called Sundari trees. Trees such as coconut, palm, keora, agar, etc., are also grown in some parts of the delta.

What are the trees found in mangrove forest?

mangrove, any of certain shrubs and trees that belong primarily to the families Rhizophoraceae, Acanthaceae, Lythraceae, Combretaceae, and Arecaceae; that grow in dense thickets or forests along tidal estuaries, in salt marshes, and on muddy coasts; and that characteristically have prop roots—i.e., exposed supporting …

What is importance of Sundari tree?

The timber obtained from the Sundari tree is used for bridge-building, boatbuilding and joinery, house construction, utility poles and tool handles. According to several investigations, the Sundari tree possesses significant antinociceptive, antioxidant, antihyperglycemic, antimicrobial and anticancer activities.

Where can I find Sundari trees in Indonesia?

Sundari Trees – this species of tree family is one of those rare types that can flourish in salty water. Roots of these trees provide safe habitat for underwater marine life. Largest amount of mangrove coverage can be found in Indonesia. I spotted some during my trip to Merese Hill in Lombok Island of Indonesia.

How did the Sundari tree get its name?

The Sundari tree Beauty of Sunderban delta The name Sundarbans comes from a mangrove plant, the Sundari Tree. Apart from Sundari, the Sundarbans’ mangrove forest is full of roaring, rustic, bain, and saltwater plants. This species absorbs excess salt from the soil and stores it in the leaves.

Why are Sundari trees dying in West Bengal?

Sundari Trees In Sundarban Delta Are Dying A Slow Death. Is Anyone Listening? Sundari trees, after which the mangrove forest is named, are on the brink of extinction in West Bengal due to excessive logging in the past for its high value wood and now with seawater rise.

Why are Sundari trees important to mangrove forest?

But rampant felling of trees in the forests has increased the risk, damage and havoc caused by the cyclones. Sundari Trees – this species of tree family is one of those rare types that can flourish in salty water. Roots of these trees provide safe habitat for underwater marine life.

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