Where does he hang his last whirligig?

Where does he hang his last whirligig?

Where does he hang his last whirligig? In Maine, outside the painter’s house, by removing a birdhouse and replacing it with his whirligig.

Where did Brent put the whirligig in Chapter 5?

In chapter 5 of Whirligig, Brent’s on his way to San Diego after having had a pretty unpleasant time of it in San Francisco. The experience hasn’t been a dead loss, however, as he’s bought himself a very interesting book on astronomy.

Where does Brent go in whirligig?

Brent Bishop is a junior in high school in Whirligig. He and his parents now live in the Chicago area, where Brent goes to a private school called Montfort. They had previously lived in Connecticut, and then Atlanta, Georgia, before this last move to the Midwest.

Where is Brent in Chapter 7 whirligig?

In the chapter, Brent arrives in Beale Beach, Florida.

How does whirligig end?

Greatly humiliated, Brent, with alcohol coursing through his blood, takes to the wheel and decides to put an end to his miserable life. However, he doesn’t die; instead, he ends up killing Lea Zamora, an eighteen-year-old high school student.

What happened in Chapter 5 of whirligig?

Brent is on his way to San Diego after a restless night at a noisy flophouse in San Francisco. He thought to build the second whirligig there, but it was too cold. At the bus station in San Diego, two men try to steal his backpack. …

Where is the whirligig in Chapter 4?

The night is quiet and dark. There is no traffic, only a man. It is very peaceful.

What are the 4 Whirligigs?

In the book, we read of individual whirligig encounters in the chapters that have location names: “Weeksboro, Maine,” “Miami, Florida,” “Bellevue, Washington,” and San Diego, California.” These are the four places where Brent has installed his whirligigs.

How does Jonathan know Brent in whirligig?

Jonathan is a friend of Brent’s from school. Brent gives him a ride to the party, which is hosted by a friend of Jonathan’s. When Jonathan comes out and gets in Brent’s car, he explains that his father took his car because he forgot to pay his insurance bill. They know each other from school.

What is the theme of Chapter 8 in whirligig?

The chapter ends with Jenny and her grandmother sitting quietly as they admire the whirligig. The main change in Jenny is in her perspective and attitudes toward illness, suffering, and life.

Why is Brent not worried about his whirligig being damaged?

Why is Brent not worried about a hurricane blowing away the whirligig that he built in chapter 7? He knows Mrs. Zamora will understand, and he believe the kids who helped him will build more whirligigs in its place.

Where was the last whirligig made by Brent?

In Miami, Florida, he ponders the concepts of religion. With the help of some children on the beach, Brent makes his penultimate whirligig, a marching band. His last whirligig was built in Weeksboro, Maine, a model of Lea Zamora which spun its arms in the wind.

How old is Brent Bishop in the book whirligig?

Whirligig, by Paul Fleischman, is a 1998 YA novel about a 17-year-old boy named Brent Bishop who goes on a cross-country journey of atonement. At the outset of the novel, Brent’s family has recently moved to Chicago following his father’s promotion at work—the fourth time the family has moved.

Where does Lea want Brent to build a whirligig?

She tells Brent that she wants him to build whirligigs in Washington, California, Florida, and Maine to memorialize Lea. She gives him a bus ticket. On his journey, Brent undergoes a transformation.

Where does Brent go to the party in Whirligig?

Brent goes to a party at the house of a rich, popular classmate where he gets drunk, in order to quell his insecurities. When he tries to talk to Brianna, who is likewise rich and popular, she rejects him loudly in front of a crowd.

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