Where does streaked tenrec live?

Where does streaked tenrec live?

The species is found in tropical lowland rain forest, in the northern and eastern parts of Madagascar.

Are tenrecs good pets?

Tenrecs are not overly friendly pets. They don’t necessarily mind being handled, but they don’t crave human attention like many more-aptly-called “pets” do. If they’re handled gently and regularly as pups, they’re more likely to respond well to human interaction.

What is the streaked tenrec habitat?

There are more than one species of tenrec that live on Madagascar, but lowland streaked tenrecs are only found on the East side of the island which is covered mostly by a tropical rainforest. The tenrec is classified as island endemic which means they are only found on one island or a set of islands (Kokx 2009).

Are tenrecs blind?

The young, most of which are born blind and naked, apparently stay with the mother for at least four or five weeks, and possibly more.

Do tenrecs shed their quills?

In the common tenrec, spines (Fig. 5) are molted by juveniles and are replaced by softer fur in adults, with the spines on the stridulating organ replaced last.

Do hedgehogs have cloacas?

This tenrec has zalambdodont dentition, meaning their molars form a V-shape. Also, female lesser hedgehog tenrecs have a cloaca, which is a single reproductive, intestinal, and urinary opening, unlike most mammals, which have separate openings for each bodily function.

How long do tenrecs live for?

to 10 years
They can live for up to 8 to 10 years in the wild, and about 13 years in human care.

Are tenrecs related to hedgehogs?

There are 25 species of tenrec which are mostly found on Madagascar, but some are native to mainland Africa. The name lesser hedgehog tenrec is misleading, as tenrecs are not related to hedgehogs. Their closest relatives are moles and shrews. However, like hedgehogs, tenrecs have spines covering much of their bodies.

How many chromosomes do tenrecs have?

List of organisms by chromosome count

Organism (Scientific name) Chromosome number
Pea (Pisum sativum) 14
Barley (Hordeum vulgare) 14
Aloe vera 14
Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) 16

How do tenrecs mate?

Common tenrecs are usually solitary, but during the austral breeding season (October to November) male-female encounters often lead to brief physical contact (i.e. nose-to-rump, nose-to-nose, nose-to-side, nose-to-cloaca, nose-to-ear) and then mating.

Do tenrecs have spikes?

Tenrecs (Tenrecidae) are placental mammals found in tropical Africa and Madagascar. Like hedgehogs, hedgehog tenrecs are dorsally covered in a coat of hardened spines and can roll into a nearly impenetrable ball when threatened, although the muscles for rolling are quite different (non-homologous) between the two (Fig.

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