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Where does the Count of Monte Cristo live?

Where does the Count of Monte Cristo live?

The island of Monte Cristo holds Abbé Faria’s buried treasure and becomes home to the Count of Monte Cristo. The island is made-up, but a tiny island called Montecristo does exist between Corsica and Italy.

Who killed Villefort?

Bertuccio stabs Villefort after this burial. Bertuccio unearths the child and resuscitates him. Bertuccio’s sister-in-law brought the child up, giving him the name “Benedetto”, her blessing. Benedetto takes up a life of crime by age 11.

What happened to Villefort?

In court, it is revealed that Villefort is guilty of attempted infanticide, as he tried to bury his illegitimate baby while it was still alive. Believing that everyone he loves is dead and knowing that he will soon have to answer severe criminal charges, Villefort goes insane.

Who is Major Cavalcanti pretending to be?

Marquis Bartolomeo Cavalcanti
Chapter 56: Major Cavalcanti The older man must pretend to be Marquis Bartolomeo Cavalcanti, a retired Italian major and nobleman who has been searching in vain for his kidnapped son for fifteen years.

Where does Le Comte de Monte Cristo take place?

setting (time) The novel takes place during the years following the fall of Napoleon’s empire. The story begins in 1815 and ends in 1844. setting (place) Though most of the action takes place in Paris, key scenes are also set in Marseilles, Rome, Monte Cristo, Greece, and Constantinople.

Why is Madame de Villefort jealous of Valentine?

Since Madame de Villefort has a child named Edouard, she becomes insanely jealous of the large fortune which her stepdaughter, Valentine, will inherit from the Marquis and Marquise de Saint-Méran. Thus, the Count’s revenge is complete against the cruel and inhuman Monsieur de Villefort.

How does Dante get revenge Villefort?

Villefort had buried the child alive, but someone had rescued him. The Count of Monte Cristo disgraced Villefort by revealing the secret of his illegitimate child to the public. This method of revenge was symbolic. Villefort thought he had buried the disgrace of his dead son forever.

How old is Madame de Villefort in the Count of Monte Cristo?

Then Monte Cristo hides. Madame de Villefort, Valentine’s twenty-five-year-old stepmother enters; she empties a flask into Valentine’s glass, then silently withdraws.

How does the Count’s tour affect Villefort and Madame Danglars?

The Count’s tour causes Villefort and Madame Danglars much psychological trauma. The rest of the guest’s are astounded at the Count’s exotic hospitality. The exotic foods are a symbol of the Count’s worldliness. He is no longer a naïve youth. Villefort trembles because he now realizes that the Count knows the secrets of his past.

Who is the baby Bertuccio saved from Villefort?

Bertuccio, his servant recognizes Andrea Calvacanti as the newborn baby he has saved from Villefort’s box. It is the baby his sister in law raised. He also recognizes Madame Danglars as the woman Villefort used to visit at Auteuil.

Why did Villefort tremble in the garden of Monte Cristo?

He is no longer a naïve youth. Villefort trembles because he now realizes that the Count knows the secrets of his past. He is aware that there was no skeleton buried in the garden, for he had searched for this very same skeleton and had never found it.

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