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Which term means inflammation of the stomach?

Which term means inflammation of the stomach?

Gastritis is an inflammation of the protective lining of the stomach. Acute gastritis involves sudden, severe inflammation. Chronic gastritis involves long-term inflammation that can last for years if it’s left untreated. Erosive gastritis is a less common form of the condition.

Which medical word means inflammation of the stomach and esophagus?

Esophagitis (uh-sof-uh-JIE-tis) is inflammation that may damage tissues of the esophagus, the muscular tube that delivers food from your mouth to your stomach. Esophagitis can cause painful, difficult swallowing and chest pain.

What is Gastrophy?

Gastritis and gastropathy are conditions that affect the stomach lining, also known as the mucosa. In gastritis, the stomach lining is inflamed. In gastropathy, the stomach lining is damaged, but little or no inflammation is present.

Which of the following terms means inflammation of the pharynx?

The medical term for a “sore throat” is pharyngitis. We owe the word “pharyngitis” to gifts from the Greeks: “pharynx” meaning “the throat” + the suffix”-itis” denoting inflammation. So pharyngitis literally means inflammation of the pharynx.

Which term means pain in the stomach group of answer choices?

-algia means pain and suffering. Gastralgia (gas- TRAL-jee-ah) means pain in the stomach (gastr means stomach and -algia means pain). . – dynia also means pain. Gastrodynia (gas-troh-

Which medical term means stomach pain?

Medical Definition of gastralgia : pain in the stomach or epigastrium especially of a neuralgic type.

What is Duodenopathy?

Endoscopically, duodenitis is defined as inflammation of the duodenal mucosa. The endoscopic terms for duodenopathy are erosive, hemorrhagic, and hyperemic changes, according to the Minimal Standard Terminology of the World Endoscopy Organization [1].

What is multifocal gastritis?

Multifocal atrophic gastritis – This is characterized by the involvement of the corpus and gastric antrum with progressive development of gastric atrophy (loss of the gastric glands) and partial replacement of the gastric glands by an intestinal-type epithelium (intestinal metaplasia); individuals who develop gastric …

What does Retrogastric mean?

Retrogastric. pertaining to behind the stomach.

What is the best remedy for stomach inflammation?

Drinking plenty of water may also help wash away the bacteria causing the condition and soothe irritation. Peppermint, licorice , and ginger are often recommended as a combination stomach inflammation treatment because they aid digestion and ease inflammation.

What is the best home remedy for gastritis?

Carom Seeds is also one of the best home remedies for gastritis because they are a natural antacid. These seeds can protect the mucous membranes of your stomach with diarrhea and acidity. Also, carom seeds can even treat nausea, indigestion, and swelling.

What is the treatment for inflammation of the stomach?

Common antacids that are generally used for the treatment of a stomach inflammation include, magnesium hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide. Antacids can help relieve the pain and irritation of the stomach, and also aid in the healing process by neutralizing the stomach acids.

What are some medical terms related to the stomach?

Dyspepsia: Difficult digestion

  • Emesis (vomiting): Stomach contents expelled through the mouth
  • Eructation: Act of belching or raising gas from stomach
  • Gastric ulcer: Lesion on wall of stomach; also known as peptic ulcer
  • Gastritis: Inflammation of the stomach
  • Gastrodynia: Pain in the stomach
  • Hematemesis: Vomiting of blood
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