Which tissue is considered to be poorly vascularized quizlet?

Which tissue is considered to be poorly vascularized quizlet?

Dense connective tissue is poorly vascularized, and the other types of connective tissue have a rich supply of blood vessels.

Which tissues are well vascularized?

Sapulpa Anatomy Chpt 3 Review

Question Answer
connective tissue that is usually well vascularized and has extensive intercellular matrix.
simple columnar Tissue that has goblet cells
stratified squamous epithelial tissue found in areas subject to considerable friction and abuse.
tendons dense connective tissue

What type of tissue has poor blood supply?

Cartilage is avascular, meaning that it has no blood supply. The lack of blood circulation in cartilage means that it is a very slow-healing type of tissue….Healing Expectations for Different Tissue Types.

Tissue types: Range of time for healing:
Muscle 2-4 weeks
Tendon 4-6 weeks
Bone 6-8 weeks
Ligaments 10-12 weeks

Which of the following tissues are avascular?

stratified squamous epithelium
Step by step answer:The stratified squamous epithelium is avascular, which means it lacks blood vessels in their structure. The tissue that is attached to the basal layer contains cuboidal and columnar epithelial cells also.

Which type of tissue protects insulates and is richly vascularized?

Adipose tissue may develop almost anywhere areolar tissue is plentiful, but it usually accumulates in subcutaneous tissue, around kidneys and eyeballs, in bones, in breasts and within the abdomen. Adipose tissue is richly vascularized, indicating its high metabolic activity.

Are connective tissue cells are Nondividing?

“Blast” cells are undifferentiated, actively divided cells. B. Chondroblasts are the main cell type of connective tissue proper. Connective tissue cells are nondividing.

Which tissue is well vascularized and has extracellular matrix?

the tissue thats highly vascularized and has an extensive extracellular matrix and specialized cells is called connective tissue.

What tissue is well vascularized with a rich blood supply?

Most connective tissue types are well vascularized, meaning they have rich blood supply.

Why is blood called a liquid connective tissue?

Answer : Blood is called a liquid connective tissue because blood consists of a liquid medium which is known as plasma and since it transports different gases, hormones, nutrients, enzymes to different parts of our body, blood establishes a connection between each cell of body.

Which tissue lacks blood supply and heat slowly?

Cartilage is a flexible connective tissue that differs from bone in several ways; it is avascular and its microarchitecture is less organized than bone. Cartilage is not innervated and therefore relies on diffusion to obtain nutrients. This causes it to heal very slowly.

Which tissue is avascular quizlet?

Epithelial Tissue: Avascular but Innervated.

How many tissues are avascular?

Actually, four different kinds! They are the epithelial tissue, muscle tissue, nervous tissue, and connective tissue. This lesson goes over the basics of these tissues.

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