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Who bought National Life Insurance Company?

Who bought National Life Insurance Company?

National Life operates as a unified organization under the trade name of National Life Group, which includes National Life, Life Insurance Company of the Southwest, and their affiliates. National Life Group is a diversified financial services company and one of the fastest growing life insurers in the United States.

Who owns Franklin life?

American General Corporation
American Franklin is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of American General Corporation (“American General”), 2929 Allen Parkway, Houston, Texas 77019-2155. American General is one of the largest diversified financial services organizations in the United States.

Is Jackson owned by Prudential?

Jackson is a subsidiary of the British insurer, Prudential plc, which acquired the company for $608 million in 1986. The company is unrelated to the American insurance conglomerate, Prudential Financial. Founded in 1961, Jackson is headquartered in Alaiedon Township, Lansing, Michigan.

When was national life and Accident Insurance Company purchased?

It was reorganized as a stock company and adopted the National Life name shortly thereafter. It was purchased by a rival company in 1982. The motto of National Life & Accident was “We Shield Millions”.

Are there any life insurance companies in Virginia?

Genworth offers two kinds of life insurance coverage in the state of Virginia. Term life insurance and universal life insurance are both currently offered as life insurance products. Genworth Life Insurance Company operates out of Richmond, Virginia.

When was the life and casualty insurance company of Tennessee established?

The Life and Casualty Insurance Company of Tennessee was first established in the year 1903 and its first offerings included: health and accident insurance to working-class people of color and then moved to include ordinary life insurance to Caucasian middle class people.

Who was the owner of National sick and Accident Company?

C. A. Craig bought it for $17,250 on the Davidson County Courthouse steps on December 27, 1901. Previously administered by C. Runcie Clements, the company, then called National Sick and Accident Company, was sold to settle an estate.

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