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Who has won the Camanachd Cup most times?

Who has won the Camanachd Cup most times?

There’s no doubt that the Camanachd Cup is the most sought after of all the shinty Grand Slam trophies. Between them, Newtonmore and Kingussie have won the cup 57 times in its history; 14 other teams have won it the other 55 times.

Who has won the Camanachd Cup?

The victorious Kinlochshiel shinty team with the Camanachd Cup.

Where is Kinlochshiel?

Kinlochshiel Shinty Club is a shinty club based in Balmacara, near Kyle of Lochalsh, Lochalsh, Scotland.

Where is the shinty final played?

Mossfield Park
The Camanachd Cup is shinty’s premier cup competition, and this year’s final takes place at Mossfield Park in Oban. Two-time champions Lovat face first-time finalists Kinlochshiel in a quest to get their hands on the prestigious trophy.

Do they play hurling in Scotland?

Shinty is generally played in the Scottish Highlands, central lowlands, the cities and universities of Scotland but particularly with that part of the country strongly related to Gaelic culture. There are around 100 hurlers in Ireland to every shinty player in Scotland.

When did Skye win the Camanachd Cup?

Skye won the Camanachd Cup for the first time in 1990 against Newtonmore in Fort William. Inspirational in this victory was player Willie Cowie and his brother, manager Ross Cowie.

Who won Camanachd Cup 2021?

In 2021, Kinlochshiel defeated Lovat to win shinty’s Camanachd Cup for the first time in their history.

How many Scottish shinty teams are there?

Premier Division (shinty)

Founded 1996
Country Scotland
Confederation Camanachd Association
Number of teams 10
Level on pyramid 1

What sport uses a hooked stick?

field hockey, also called hockey, outdoor game played by two opposing teams of 11 players each who use sticks curved at the striking end to hit a small, hard ball into their opponent’s goal.

Who is the founder of the MacAulay Cup?

The MacAulay Cup was first presented in 1947 by Flora Macaulay, then editor of The Oban Times newspaper. The competition, uniquely in the sport is run outwith the auspices of the Camanachd Association, being administered by the Macaulay Association which also runs a junior six a-side competition before the final.

Where does the MacAulay Cup take place in Scotland?

The Macaulay Association Camanachd Cup (known as the Artemis Macaulay Cup for sponsorship reasons) is a trophy in the Scottish sport of shinty. It is competed for by the eight highest-placed league teams from the north and south areas of Scotland at the end of the previous season.

When is the final of the Artemis MacAulay Cup?

Buy your tickets now for the Artemis Macaulay Cup Final which will take place on 21st August at 4:10pm at Mossfield Park, Oban. Kyles Athletic beat Oban Camanachd 1-0 in the Semi-Final to book their place as the South team in the final, while Kingussie beat Lovat 4-0 at Braeview Park to ensure they would be at successive Artemis Macaulay Finals.

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