Who is Danna Paola related to?

Who is Danna Paola related to?

At the age of 23, she already enjoys worldwide success and popularity. Danna Paola was born on June 23, 1995 in Mexico City, to singer, Juan Jose Rivera Arellano, and his wife Patricia Munguia. Juan is the former singer of Los Caminantes and Grupo Ciclón. She has an older sister named Vania Paola.

Who is Danna’s mom?

Patricia Munguia
Danna Paola/Mothers

Danna Paola was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico. She is the daughter of Patricia Munguía and Juan José Rivera Arellano, the former singer of Grupo Ciclón and Los Caminantes.

What role did Danna Paola play tangled?


Year Title Roles
2009 Plaza Sésamo Guest Star
2010 Tangled Rapunzel
2013 Como dice el dicho Mayra Mata
2015 Home Tippolina Tucci

Who is Belinda Cheetah Girls?

In 2006, Belinda debuted in the North American markets where she makes her film debut in the Disney Channel Original Movie The Cheetah Girls 2 as Marisol. The movie premiered on 25 August 2006 with a total of over 8.1 million viewers, one of the highest rated television films the network has released.

What is Belinda’s real age?

29 years (August 15, 1992)

Who is the actress known as Danna Paola?

Danna Paola Rivera Munguía (born 23 June 1995), better known as Danna Paola, is a Mexican actress, singer and model. She gained popularity as a child actress and singer, starring in dozens of television projects throughout her early childhood and adolescence. Danna Paola was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico.

How tall is Danna Paola height and weight?

Danna Paola Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics. 0. Danna Paola Quick Info. Height. 5 ft 3 in. Weight. 50 kg. Date of Birth. June 23, 1995.

How old is Danna Paola from Elite TV show?

Unlike some of her cast mates on Elite, Danna Paola is nowhere near a new comer in the acting world. Although she is only 24-years-old, she’s already had a very impressive career. She made her TV debut 20 years ago on the Mexican series Ray of Light, and she has been on a roll ever since.

Who is Danna Paola’s father Juan Arellano?

Danna Paola’s father Juan Arellano was the renowned singer of the collections like Los Caminantes, and Grupo Ciclon. Along with her sister Vania, she went for Plaza Sesamo, at the Televisa in Mexico City.

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