Who is Ryan Guzman engaged to?

Who is Ryan Guzman engaged to?

Chrysti Ane
Actor Ryan Guzman and his fiancee Chrysti Ane have become parents to a baby girl, their second child together. The 33-year-old actor posted a black-and-white photo from the hospital on Instagram announcing that they have named their newborn daughter Genevieve Valentina Guzman.

Is Ryan Guzman Spanish?

Ryan Guzman with his mother, Lisa, and father, Ray, in Sacramento. Growing up as a Mexican-American in Sacramento, Guzman admitted to ET that he often struggled with the challenges and expectations of what being a Latino “should” be.

How tall is Ryan Guzman?

6′ 0″
Ryan Guzman/Height

Does Ryan Guzman have a wife?

Guzman and his fiancée, Brazilian actress Chrysti Ane, welcomed their first child, a son on January 24, 2019 The couple named their son Mateo Lopes, Guzman explained in an interview with Entertainment Tonight prior to the birth, “My mom ran a daycare for most of my life and one of the kids she watched after was named …

Did Ryan Guzman get married?

The Boy Next Door actor Ryan Guzman and his wife Chrysti Ane both took to Instagram on Thursday evening to announce the birth of their second child, daughter Genevieve Valentina. Ryan, 33, appeared in the black-and-white photo beaming over his wife, who reclined in a hospital bed holding their newborn daughter.

Who did Ryan Guzman date?

In December 2019, Ryan Guzman revealed that he and Brazilian actress and fitness model Chrysti Ane had become engaged. Then, in January of 2019, the couple welcomed their first child together, son, Mateo Lopes Guzman.

How old was Ryan Guzman in the boy next door?

A couple of blogs are like, “Oh my god, a 27-year-old acting as a 16-year-old?” To make it a little more realistic, we changed the character’s age from to 19. He’s been held back a couple years due to certain things that happened in his life, which I can’t tell or I’ll give away the script.

How old is Ian Michael Nelson?

26 years (April 10, 1995)
Ian Nelson/Age

Does Ryan Guzman have children?

Mateo Lopes Guzman
Genevieve Valentina Guzman
Ryan Guzman/Children

Does Ryan Guzman have a son?

Mateo Lopes Guzman
Ryan Guzman/Sons

Where was the wrong boy next door filmed?

Los Angeles
Blumhouse Productions financed and produced the film, which was filmed for 23 days in Los Angeles and other locations in California at the end of 2013. The film was released in the United States on January 23, 2015, by Universal Pictures.

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