Who is the founder of Satavahanas?

Who is the founder of Satavahanas?

King Simuka Satavahana

The Simuka inscription (photograph and rubbing) at the Naneghat Caves, in early Pali script: 𑀭𑀸𑀬𑀸 𑀲𑀺𑀫𑀼𑀓 𑀲𑀸𑀢𑀯𑀸𑀳𑀦𑁄 𑀲𑀺𑀭𑀺𑀫𑀢𑁄 Rāyā Simuka – Sātavāhano sirimato “King Simuka Satavahana, the illustrious one”
Founder of Satavahana dynasty
Reign 3rd century BCE?
Successor Kanha

Which was the capital of satavahana in Maharashtra?

The Satavahanas ruled over the region which mainly comprised present-day Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra. This is possibly why they are often referred to as the “Andhras” in various sources. Their capital was in Paithan or Pratishtan, in present-day Maharashtra.

Who were the Satavahanas Where was their kingdom located?

Satavahanas were the rulers who ruled over the Cental India. The kingdom was located in Andhra Pradesh.

Who was the last powerful ruler of the Satavahana dynasty?

The distribution area of Shri Yajna Shatakarni’s (reigned c. 174–203) regional coins is also spread over Krishna and Godavari, as well as the Chanda region of Madhya Pradesh, Berar, northern Konkan, and Saurashtra. Shri Yajna is the last important figure in the history of the Satavahana dynasty.

What is the other name of Satavahanas?

The Satavahanas (Sādavāhana or Sātavāhana, IAST: Sātavāhana), also referred to as the Andhras in the Puranas, were an ancient Indian dynasty based in the Deccan region.

What is the capital of Simuka?

The founder of Satavahana dynasty was Simuka. The capital of Satavahanas was Pratistanapura (present Paithan in Aurangabad district) located on the banks of river Godavari and later shifted to Amaravati in Andhra Pradesh. Satavahana dynasty period extends for four and half centuries (225 BC – 225 AD).

Which is the first capital city in Satavahanas?

Six coins of his name were recovered from nowhere else except at Kapparraopet lying near Kotilingala, the first capital of the Satavahanas. Paithan in Maharashtra and Dharanikota or Dhanyakatakam or Amaravathi are later capitals, he said.

Which satavahana King wrote Gathasaptasati?

Savahana king Hala
Which of the following ruler of Satavahana Empire composed Gathasaptashati? Notes: Gathasaptashati is composed by Savahana king Hala. It is a collection of poems in Maharashtri Prakrit.

Who were Satavahanas Brainly?

Satavahanas was a prominent dynasty that ruled the regions of the Deccan such as Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Telangana during the time period of second century to third century. In this period of time, they could also temporarily conquer and rule certain parts of Madhya Pradesh [such as Sanchi] and Karnataka.

Who were Satavahanas What did they do discuss class 12?

(i) They were brahmanised and the most famous king Gotamiputra/Siri Satakarni claimed to be a unique Brahmana and the destroyer of the Bride of kshatriyas. (ii) He claims to have established the four fold Varna order which had fallen into disorder.

Who defeated satavahana dynasty?

Yajna Sri Satakarni
Satavahanas were defeated twice by the Shaka ruler of Saurashtra, Rudradaman I. Yajna Sri Satakarni ( A.D. 165 – 194) was one of the later rulers of the Dynasty. He recaptured the North Konkan and Malwa from the Shakas.

Who was the last king of Satavahanas answer?

Answer : The last king of the Shatavahanas was Yajnashri Shatakarni.

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