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Who owns Caradco windows?

Who owns Caradco windows?

Founded in 1862 by William Carr in Dubuque, IA, Caradco grew into the largest window manufacturing company in the U.S. The company was purchased by Jeld-Wen in 1997, and while Jeld-Wen still holds the Caradco trademark, it no longer offers Caradco windows or replacement parts. Fortunately, Fenster Components does.

Is Caradco windows still in business?

The Caradco company is long gone, and JELD-WEN still hangs on to the name as a sales pitch (but doesn’t really have Caradco replacement windows). We have replicated multiple versions and styles of the Caradco windows line spanning 30 years of the company. …

Who bought Caradco?

Read 6 Caradco windows reviews on this company that is now owned by Jeld Wen windows. Caradco was purchased by Jeld Wen in 2002, although consumers do continue to have questions regarding these windows and the warranty terms and specifics.

Who is the founder of Caradco window company?

Caradco windows, now with Jeld-Wen Windows and Doors, was founded as a merger between businessman Carr and craftsman Austin and ventured into the cabinet and furniture making. Because of the company’s location along the Mississippi River, pine trees have been readily accessible and their credibility as the finest wood craftsmen started.

What kind of warranty does Caradco windows have?

The Caradco series is distributed by Jeld-Wen Windows and Doors. You can visit their site for information on care, maintenance, and installation. The warranty given for Caradco Windows includes free replacement parts.

When did Caradco windows change to Jeld-Wen?

Although the company was able to keep its brand name, Caradco was transferred under different management: under Scovill Manufacturing Company in 1968 (and in 1976, the window production plant was transferred to Illinois) and under JELD-WEN took Caradco under its management in 1997.

What’s the name of the Caradco double hung window?

Caradco Windows released an innovative design for the usual double-hung window. The window is called SmarFit, which combines easy cleaning (with removable sash) and a tilt-in mechanism.

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