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Who wrote nothing compares with you?

Who wrote nothing compares with you?

Nothing Compares 2 U/Lyricists

When did Chris Cornell record Nothing compares to you?

Nothing Compares 2 U

“Nothing Compares 2 U”
Released January 8, 1990
Recorded 1989
Studio S.T.S (Dublin, Ireland)
Genre Pop

Was Nothing Compares To You written by Prince?

Nothing Compares 2 U/Composers

Why did Sinead O’Connor have a hysterectomy?

She said she had the emergency hysterectomy in order to treat endometriosis, but the operation left her feeling suicidal at times, leading her to post a number of videos on social media asking for help. “When I had the surgery, I was terribly triggered… I was mental,” she said.

Why did Sinead rip the pope’s picture?

At the time, O’Connor, now 54, said she had torn up the photo to protest sexual abuse of children by the Catholic Church. “My intention had always been to destroy my mother’s photo of the pope,” she writes. “It represented lies and liars and abuse. The type of people who kept these things were devils like my mother.”

Did Sinead O’Connor write nothing compares to you?

Does Sinead O’Connor have a daughter?

Roisin Waters
Sinéad O’Connor/Daughters

Who did Prince originally wrote nothing compares to you for?

How old is Sinead Oconnor?

54 years (December 8, 1966)
Sinéad O’Connor/Age

What is the meaning of Nothing Compares 2 U?

“Nothing Compares 2 U” is a song in which the singer (Sinead O’Connor) is basically saying she misses very-special people in her life. For the most part, the lyrics are about her unresolvable love for an ex-boyfriend.

What does nothing compares to you by Sinead O Connor mean?

For the most part, the lyrics are about her unresolvable love for an ex-boyfriend. But her deceased mom enters the equation also. And what she is telling these individuals is that “ nothing compares ” to them, as in there is no activity she can engage in which will take away the depression caused by their absences.

When did Nothin Compares 2 you come out?

The Jacksons beat him out as the first 2 chart with a “2 U” title; their song “Nothin (That Compares 2 U)” went to #77 US in 1989. That one was written by Babyface and L.A. Reid. This was produced by Beresford Romeo (Jazzie B.) and Nellee Hooper, two members of the group Soul II Soul. Why didn’t Prince record the song himself?

Where did Prince write Nothing Compares 2 U?

Prince wrote this during a very creative period when he was coming up with a song just about every day. According to his sound engineer, Susan Rogers, he wrote it at his rehearsal space in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, where he vanished for an hour and emerged with the lyrics on a notebook.

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