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Why do people buy Nutcrackers?

Why do people buy Nutcrackers?

Nutcracker dolls, also known as Christmas nutcrackers, are decorative nutcracker figurines most commonly made to resemble a toy soldier. In German tradition, the dolls are symbols of good luck, frightening away malevolent spirits. Nutcrackers are also a part of German folklore, serving as protectors of a house.

Are there girl Nutcrackers?

Female Nutcrackers: Clara, Ballerina & Sugar Plum Fairy | Nutcracker Ballet Gifts.

Where are Kurt Adler nutcrackers made?

Steinbach Nutcrackers BIG Lumberjack 17 Inches Tall Kurt Adler Brand New Hand Made in Germany.

How much is a nutcracker?

The drinks, a blend of various hard liquors and fruit juices, are called nutcracker, and they are being sold in sealed plastic bottles or Styrofoam cups for $5 throughout Harlem.

What is a New York nutcracker?

A nutcracker is a type of alcoholic drink consisting of a mixture of hard liquor and sugary beverages such as fruit juice. Nutcrackers originated and are made and sold in New York City. Nutcrackers frequently consist of liquors such as vodka, rum, tequila and cognac, mixed with fruit juice, Kool-Aid or candy.

Are Kurt Adler Nutcrackers German?

Kurt Adler Steinbach 18-Inch German Nutcracker, Candy Cane Choir Master.

Where are Kurt Adler ornaments made?

Polonaise captivated collectors with a spectacular array of glass ornaments handcrafted in Poland. Targeting the luxury market, Mr. Adler has recently unveiled Platinum Polonaise Eggs and Globes featuring some of the most elegant and superbly crafted ornaments ever made.

What do you put on a Christmas tree for Nutcracker?

The Nutcracker is an iconic symbol of the holiday season and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate it than by decorating your Christmas tree with our selection of Nutcracker ornaments. Mouth blown and hand painted; our glass nutcracker Christmas ornaments offer time honored quality and a vibrant sparkle to any tree.

What are the ornaments in the Nutcracker Suite?

Relive the magic of the Nutcracker Suite every Christmas with our blown glass ornament collection, which includes: Sugar Plum Fairy, Pair of Ballet Slippers, Clara, Mouse King, Nutcracker Prince and Drosselmayer. Each collection is packaged in a keepsake box, which is great for storage.

How much does a nutcracker soldier ornament weigh?

This gallant nutcracker soldier ornament is part of resin ornament selection. Hand-painted in traditional nutcracker colors and wearing a fancy black hat adorned with a white feather, he grasps a golden sword to fend off any mouse attacks. Overall Product Weight: 0.4lb.

Why are nutcrackers often associated with Christmas?

Today, nutcrackers are often associated with the Christmas holidays due to their whimsical nature and the very popular Nutcracker Suite Ballet. The closer to the equator, the less fir trees there are, and the harder they are to get.

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