Why is Tasmania included in the World Heritage List?

Why is Tasmania included in the World Heritage List?

In 1989 it was greatly expanded to cover almost 20 per cent of Tasmania. The area received world heritage listing because it conserves a diverse array of both natural and cultural features of outstanding global significance.

How many World Heritage Sites are there in Tasmania?

In July 2010, a total of 11 Australian convict sites were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, five of which are found in Tasmania.

Is Cradle Mountain a world heritage site?

Cradle Mountain is part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and one of the most interesting and most visited places in Tasmania.

How old is the Tasmanian wilderness?

about 1,100 million years ago
The rugged and spectacular landscapes of the Tasmanian Wilderness contain rocks from almost every geological period, the oldest being formed about 1,100 million years ago during the Precambrian period. Some of the deepest and longest caves in Australia and other spectacular karst landscapes are found here.

Why is the Tasmanian wilderness important?

Covering one and a half million hectares, or around one-fifth of Tasmania’s land mass, this global and national wonder protects an amazing array of natural and cultural heritage. A valid parks pass is required for entry to Tasmania’s national parks.

When did Tasmania become a World Heritage Site?

Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. In December 1982, the World Heritage Committee included the Western Tasmanian Wilderness National Parks into the World Heritage List. In 1989 this was expanded to encompass around 1.4 million hectares – almost a fifth of the total area of the State.

What is the south west region of Tasmania?

South West Tasmania. South West Tasmania is a region in Tasmania that has evoked curiosity as to its resources over the duration of European presence on the island. The more recent is the consideration as a potential area of resources for development and its consideration as World Heritage wilderness.

How did I see the wilderness in Tasmania?

Because of the limited public transport in Tasmania I travelled around the island by campervan. This enabled me to see remote areas of the Tasmanian Wilderness, especially at night when most of the wildlife is out foraging. At the Cradle Mountain NP I used the Park’s shuttlebuses to reach Dove Lake.

Why is Tasmania so important to the world?

Tasmania is a unique isle in that it has been pinpointed by UNESCO as important in two main areas: its uncommon wilderness and deep convict heritage. Discover what to do and where to stay…

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