Why is transitional epithelium found in the bladder?

Why is transitional epithelium found in the bladder?

When the urinary bladder fills with urine, the bladder wall stretches to accommodate the increased volume. In the distended bladder, the urothelium reorganizes into two or three layers without any structural damage. Due to this transitional ability of the urothelium, it is also known as the transitional epithelium.

Why is transitional epithelium found in specific locations such as in urinary organs?

Function of Transitional Epithelium Due to its location in the excretory system, especially in the ureters and urinary bladder, one of the primary functions of this tissue is to be an extremely effective permeability barrier, impenetrable to water and most small molecules.

Where would you find transitional epithelium in the urinary system?

urinary bladder
This epithelium is found lining the urinary bladder, ureters and urethra, as well as in the ducts of the prostrate gland.

Where are columnar epithelium found?

Simple columnar epithelium is a single layer of columnar epithelial cells which are tall and slender with oval-shaped nuclei located in the basal region, attached to the basement membrane. In humans, simple columnar epithelium lines most organs of the digestive tract including the stomach, and intestines.

Which function do transitional epithelial have?

Function. The transitional epithelium cells stretch readily in order to accommodate fluctuation of volume of the liquid in an organ (the distal part of the urethra becomes non-keratinized stratified squamous epithelium in females; the part that lines the bottom of the tissue is called the basement membrane).

Which cell junction is found in transitional epithelium?

tight junctions
To help achieve this, the cells of transitional epithelium are connected by tight junctions, or virtually impenetrable junctions that seal together to the cellular membranes of neighboring cells. This barrier prevents re-absorption of toxic wastes and pathogens by the bloodstream.

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