Why the work done by a woman is devalued?

Why the work done by a woman is devalued?

Simply because household work does not get a woman salary, and does not require any specific educational skills, it is the tendency of all and sundry to devalue the work done by women at home.

How does society devalue women’s work?

Explanation: our society devalue the work women do at home because they don’t aware about girls intensity they think that they can only able to do household work ..

Why is housework devalued?

Explanation: Because the house hold work is done by womens and the work that is done by women is invisible and unpaid work.

What kind of work is devalued?

The work that is done by women in the house is not considered as work. It is thought as something that comes and should come naturally to her. Hence, women are not paid for that work. Thus, society devalues this work.

What kind of woman does the society need answer?

Society needs disciplined women of controlled behaviour.

Why is housework not valued 7?

Answer: It is because the work that domestic workers do, does not have much value.

What could your woman do in ancient times answer?

They enjoyed freedom in selecting their male partner. They could educate themselves Widows were permitted to remarry. Divorce was however not permissible to them. Even men did not have the right to divorce their wives.

What causes the decline of womanhood according to S Radhakrishnan answer?

Answer: According to S. Radhakrishnan, subjection of women causes the decline of womanhood.

Why is women’s work at home not Recognised as work?

Women work at home, get no remuneration, therefore their work is considered non-work having no or little value. Their contribution to the family and society is not valued as most of their work is considered as household work which as women and the role given to them by society they are obliged to perform.

Why household work is invisible?

Answer: The term ‘invisible’ means the work that women generally do inside the home is not given due recognition. The term ‘time consuming’ in housework means that women spend long hours in doing different household chores. Example – taking care of the children and the old are time consuming.

What causes the decline of womanhood according to?

Why housework is still not considered as a work?

House work is not considered as work because the housewife who does all the household work does not get paid. Thus, it is not considered as an economic activity.

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