What are the conflicts in A Christmas Carol?

What are the conflicts in A Christmas Carol?

The main conflict in A Christmas Carol is the internal conflict which Ebenezer Scrooge faces because he has become solely focused on increasing his own wealth. Spirits visit Scrooge to help him realize the error of his ways and to fully understand the way his attitudes impact the lives of others.

What is the resolution of the Christmas carol?

The resolution, then, is that Scrooge makes good on the promises he made to the spirit to keep the lessons from all three spirits alive within himself: he joins Fred and his wife for Christmas dinner, he sends food to the Cratchits, he is kind to Bob and offers to better his situation and take care of his family, he …

What is the external conflict in A Christmas Carol?

External conflict in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol exists due to Scrooge’s love of money, which he places above personal relationships. These conflicts manifested throughout his personal life leaving him a bitter, lonely man.

What is the conflict between Scrooge and his nephew?

Here is an external conflict: In Stave One of A Christmas Carol, Dickens, Ebenezer Scrooge is greeted cordially by his nephew Fred who wishes him a Merry Christmas. However, Scrooge is angered and asks him what right he has to be merry; Fred retorts by asking his uncle what right he has to be dismal.

What is the conflict for stave #2 of the Christmas carol?

In this case, Scrooge struggles throughout most of the book with accepting who he has become. In Stave 2, he sees shadows of things that have been, events from his past that lead him to regret. An internal conflict can be caused by other people’s actions. It can be a difficult decision or a fear.

What is the development in Christmas carol?

He experiences a gradual character development that comes from his awareness of his bad character and from the ghosts and other characters after seeing the visions of his past, present and future shown by the ghosts on Christmas Eve.

Should be boiled in his own pudding analysis?

“Every idiot who goes about with ‘Merry Christmas’ on his lips, should be boiled with his own pudding, and buried with a stake of holly through his heart.” Scrooge’s response is comical, but unpleasant. He cannot accept the generosity that is offered him and instead turns images of Christmas into images of violence.

What is the conflict in stave 2?

How does Scrooge start to change in stave 2?

The ghost is wise and motherly, and Scrooge becomes childlike in his care. He feels like he is surrounded by ghostly “odours”, full of hopes and memories just like he is. The sight of the spirit world, full of mournful spirits, has already begun to affect Scrooge.

What was the conflict in A Christmas Carol?

I belive that the conflict of “A Christmas Carol” is that ebinezer scrooge dosen’t belive in the spirit and joy of christmas so the three ghosts of christmas { past, present, and future } come to ebinezer scrooge and show him the past present and future of his christmas’s

Where is the climax of A Christmas Carol?

The climax occurs when Scrooge visits the site of his own grave during the visit from the ghost of Christmas future.

Who is the ghost of Christmas present in A Christmas Carol?

Scrooge visits his nephew’s Christmas celebration with the Ghost of Christmas Present, and he experiences the push and pull between his greed and his old memories of joyous family time with his sister. (These instructions are completely customizable.

Can a student misidentify two conflicts in a storyboard?

Student misidentifies one conflict or includes it in an incorrect category. Student misidentifies two or more conflicts or includes them in incorrect categories. The storyboard text describes the specific example depicted, not just a general problem. The text clearly explains how the example reflects its particular type of conflict.

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