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Can I do masters in aerospace engineering after electronics and communication engineering?

Can I do masters in aerospace engineering after electronics and communication engineering?

ANSWER (1) You are eligible to do MS in avionics, aircraft systems, etc. specialisation under aerospace after B. Tech in electronics and telecom.

Can ECE student do Mtech in aerospace?

Yes it is very beneficiary if ece student goes for M. Tech in aerospace engineering if there is a dying thirst to pursue it. You could cope on due course of time. But there i s another option available named avionics open to electronics engineers.

Can I do aerospace engineering after electronics?

Yes, U can do M. Tech Aerospace & Aeronautical Engineering with a B. Tech Electrical Engineering. Masters of Technology Aerospace Engineering is a postgraduate degree program dealing with the study of aerospace engineering.

Which is better ECE or aerospace engineering?

Because in terms of employment opportunities and industrial perspective, ECE holds a better place. Electronics engineers are recruited in Aerospace firms for working on avionics systems. ECE give you wide range of opportunities after btech.

Can you get a Masters in aerospace engineering?

A masters is a specialization within the vast field. In this case you may be working on robotics with an aerospace professor and therefore will earn you Masters in the Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering department.

Can you do M.E in aerospace engineering after B E?

Sorry, you can not do M.E. in Aerospace Engineering after passing B.E. in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Students having undergraduate degree (BE/B.Tech) in Aerospace, Mechanical, Civil Engineering and Naval Architecture are eligible to apply for M.Tech. course in Aerospace Engineering.

Can you do an ECE in aerospace engineering?

Yes of course you can go through the Aerospace Engineering courses but you need to go through the GATE exam.Since your a ECE student there will be only few topics related to devices like OP-amps and other such topics.In Aerospace Engineering there are even courses related to mechanical stream hence you need to work harder.

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