Do OBD2 scanners work on Mercedes?

Do OBD2 scanners work on Mercedes?

As long as your Mercedes is an OBD2 model (1996 or newer), you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

What scan tool does Mercedes use?

The icarsoft i980 is a multifunction diagnostic scanner and tester which has been designed specifically for mercedes vehicles. It will enable you to read and clear diagnostic faults from main systems within your mercedes such as srs airbags, abs antilock brakes, engine & transmission modules.

What OBD2 protocol does Mercedes use?

Protocol Mode 1 Mode 6
ISO 9141 983B8010 40000000

What software do Mercedes use?

While Project Dash is used by Mercedes in the automotive industry, its applicability extends across all products with embedded displays.

Are iCarsoft scanners any good?

The iCarsoft scanners are excellent troubleshooting scanners but unfortunately we couldn’t find that many reviews online. iCarsoft scanners provide troubleshooting of multiple systems such as transmission control unit, airbag control unit, ESP control unit, including the ECU, SRS, ABS and check engine light.

Is there an OBD2 scanner for Mercedes cars?

Mercedes diagnostic obd2 obd online scanners will find & read trouble obd2 codes & engine diagnostic codes. They can diagnose a Mercedes problem relating to a dashboard warning light such as engine, transmission, ABS or airbag & will reset engine light.

Is there a code reader for a Mercedes?

Check out his website If your car has a button and LED test port you can read and clear your codes without an external code reader. If not, you need to buy my code reader which does the exact same thing as the little button does.

Which is the best diagnostic tool for Mercedes cars?

For Mercedes cars we recommend the iCarsoft MB V1.0, MB V2.0, i980, MB-II, iCarsoft CR Pro or Autel MD808 Pro. Our OBD code reader tool will diagnsose & reset fault codes and warning lights in the main systems like engine, ABS, airbags, transmission, parking sensors and much more. They will allow you to read & clear the error fault code…

Where is the OBD plug on a Mercedes Sprinter?

OBD connector location for Mercedes Sprinter – 906 (2006 – 2018) You will find below several pictures which will help you find your OBD connector in your car. OBD plug is under the steering wheel (left side) Go to the OBD2. scanner for MERCEDES. Remove the cover with the screw (turn a quarter)

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