Do whales feel more emotion than humans?

Do whales feel more emotion than humans?

By examining both the physical behavior of killer whales and the structures in the brain that we know have to do with emotions, scientists can confidently suggest that these creatures think and experience emotions at a level similar to that of humans and apes.

What do whales feel like?

So maybe feel your thigh muscle after you’ve shaved your leg! Rubbery is another word used to describe it – but without the grip of rubber – lubericated rubber might be a better shout. So what do whales feel like? Smooth, strong, rubbery, slick, peeled boiled egg.

Do whales feel fear?

Depending on species, calves can remain with their mothers for up to 18 months. Females are protective of their young, actively steering them away from threats and defending them against predators. Did you know? Whales can feel pain, fear and distress.

Can whales feel sad?

Whales, do however vocalize their emotions and may moan, whine or produce crying sounds or sad whale songs when they feel sad, alone or upset, which allows other whales and marine mammals to know how they feel and gives them the ability to express their emotions whether they are alone or around other whales.

Do whales like being touched?

You could be stressing it out. Swimming with whales or touching them disrupts their natural behavior. Some whales experience less stress or are more used to humans. However it is safest to keep your distance from this marine mammals and never to touch it.

What does a baby grey whale feel like?

So what do you baby grey whales feel like? Diana Bermudez, who leads the Conservancy’s Baja Marine Initiative, described it best when she said that they feel “silky” – they are so smooth and lovely to touch.

What kind of whales can see in the water?

Baleen species studied at close quarters underwater – specifically a grey whale calf in captivity for a year, and free-ranging right whales and humpback whales studied and filmed off Argentina and Hawaii – have obviously tracked objects with vision underwater, and they can apparently see moderately well both in water and in air.

What kind of brain does a baleen whale have?

Baleen species, on the other hand, appear to have some related brain structures but it is not known whether these are functional. It has been speculated that, as the blowholes evolved and migrated to the top of the head, the neural pathways serving sense of smell may have been nearly all sacrificed.

Can a toothed whale smell a baleen whale?

For example, it appears from their brain structure that toothed species are unable to smell. Baleen species, on the other hand, appear to have some related brain structures but it is not known whether these are functional.

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