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How did Minnesota vote in 1984?

How did Minnesota vote in 1984?

Minnesota voted for the Democratic Party candidate, former Vice President Walter Mondale. Since the Republican Reagan won all 49 other states in 1984, this established Minnesota’s status as the state with the longest streak of voting Democratic.

Who did the state of Minnesota vote for in the election of 1860?

The state was won by Illinois Representative Abraham Lincoln (Republican Party (United States)), running with Senator Hannibal Hamlin, with 63.53% of the popular vote, against Senator Stephen A. Douglas (D–Illinois), running with 41st Governor of Georgia Herschel V. Johnson, with 34.31% of the popular vote.

Who did Minnesota vote for president in 1912?

1912 United States presidential election in Minnesota

Nominee Theodore Roosevelt Woodrow Wilson
Party Progressive Democratic
Home state New York New Jersey
Running mate Hiram Johnson Thomas R. Marshall
Electoral vote 12 0

How many Electoral College votes does Minnesota have in 2020?

Minnesota has ten electoral votes in the Electoral College.

Is Minnesota Lgbtq friendly?

Minnesota is frequently referred to as one of the most LGBT-friendly states in the Midwestern United States. Though legislation outlawing same-sex sexual activity remains on the books, it has not been enforced since 2001 when the state Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional.

Who was the Conservative candidate in 1912?

However, Taft’s actions as president displeased Roosevelt, and Roosevelt challenged Taft for the party nomination at the 1912 Republican National Convention. When Taft and his conservative allies narrowly prevailed, Roosevelt rallied his progressive supporters and launched a third-party bid.

Is Minnesota a red or blue state in 2016?

Minnesota was won with a plurality by Clinton and a 1.52% margin, the eleventh consecutive Democratic presidential win in the state, which has not voted for a Republican since Richard Nixon in 1972.

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