How did the Alamo fight start?

How did the Alamo fight start?

In December of 1835, a group of Texan volunteer soldiers had occupied the Alamo, a former Franciscan mission located near the present-day city of San Antonio. On February 23, a Mexican force numbering in the thousands and led by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna began a siege of the fort.

What were 2 events that led to the Texas Revolution?

The Anahuac Disturbance and the conventions of 1832 and 1833 Other issues and events contributed to that conflict, which became known as the Anahuac Disturbance of 1832.

What led to Texas independence?

The most immediate cause of the Texas Revolution was the refusal of many Texas, both Anglo and Mexican, to accept the governmental changes mandated by “Siete Leyes” which placed almost total power in the hands of the Mexican national government and Santa Anna. Many Mexicans felt exactly the same way.

Why was there a fight at the Alamo?

The battle of the Alamo was fought over issues like Federalism, preservation of the Antebellum South, slavery, immigration rights, the cotton industry, and above all, money. General Santa Anna arrived at San Antonio; his Mexican army with some justification regarded the Texans as murderers.

What caused the Battle of the Alamo?

The main reason behind the Alamo cannot be attributed to one factor alone. There were several factors that resulted in Alamo. The main reasons being money that was involved for bothe the government and the white immigrants. The other causes being slavery, feudalism, cotton industry and immigration rights.

Is the Alamo a true story?

The Alamo. The Alamo is a 1960 film that tells the legendary true story of a small band of soldiers who sacrificed their lives in hopeless combat against a massive army in order to prevent a tyrant from smashing the new Republic of Texas. Davy Crockett : Republic.

Why did people defend the Alamo?

The Alamo served a purpose for both the Mexicans and the Texans. Before the Revolution, the Alamo served as a midpoint between Texas and Mexico so supplies could get through. The midpoint was needed for rest and for the travlers to get more weapons to defend themselves from Native American raids.

What was the final battle of the Alamo?

ALAMO, BATTLE OF THE. The siege and the final assault on the Alamo in 1836 constitute the most celebrated military engagement in Texas history. The battle was conspicuous for the large number of illustrious personalities among its combatants.

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