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How did the Tecopa fish go extinct?

How did the Tecopa fish go extinct?

It is thought to have disappeared because of alteration of its habitat and possibly also as a result of the introduction of competing, non-native fish. One of 12 kinds of pupfishes in the U.S., the 1-l/2-inch Tecopa could tolerate highly Sal&e waters and temperatures up to 110 degrees.

How many species of pupfish are there?

As of August 2006, 120 nominal species and 9 subspecies were known. Several pupfish species are extinct and most extant species are listed….

Family: Cyprinodontidae T. N. Gill, 1865

When was the Tecopa pupfish discovered?

The Tecopa pupfish (Cyprinodon nevadensis calidae) was first described by Robert Miller in 1948 after six years of research. With a blunt head and dorsal fins close to the tail, these fishes were endemic to the Californian hot spring outflows in Tecopa at an altitude of 1,411 ft (430 m).

When did the Tecopa fish go extinct?

Tecopa pupfish
Extinct (1979) (ESA)
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata

What endangered animal is the largest land mammal?

blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) There are fewer than 25,000 blue whales, the largest animals on the planet.

When did the Catarina pupfish go extinct?

The Catarina pupfish was considered to be extinct in the wild by 1994, and in 1995 El Potosi spring was completely dry (Tveteraas, 1993; Contreras-Balderas & Lozano-Vilano, Reference Contreras-Balderas and Lozano-Vilano1996b).

Are Tecopa Hot Springs Open?

There is the county-owned facility managed by a private concessionaire that apparently also manages the Tecopa Hot Springs Campground. This facility is open 7/24 and costs $9/day for day visitors.

Why did the Catarina pupfish become extinct?

In the 20th century Mexico has lost 16 species, 15 of them endemic (IUCN, 2016; Ceballos et al., Reference Ceballos, Ehrlich and Dirzo2017a,Reference Ceballos, Díaz-Pardo, Martínez-Estévez and Espinosa Pérezb; Table 3). The extinction of these species is attributed to two main causes: habitat degradation and pollution.

How did the Tecopa pupfish become extinct in the desert?

Tecopa pupfish. The small, heat-tolerant pupfish was endemic to the outflows of a pair of hot springs in the Mojave Desert of California. Habitat modifications and the introduction of non-native species led to its extinction in about 1970.

What kind of fish is a Tecopa pupfish?

Taxonomy. The Tecopa pupfish is member of the genus Cyprinodon of the pupfish family Cyprinodontidae, a taxon of killifish most diverse in North America. Most divergence of local Cyprinodon species likely took place during the early-to-mid Pleistocene, a time when pluvial lakes intermittently filled the now-desert region,…

Where did the Amargosa and Tecopa pupfish live?

The Tecopa pupfish (Cyprinodon nevadensis calidae) is an extinct subspecies of the Amargosa pupfish (Cyprinodon nevadensis). The small, heat-tolerant pupfish was endemic to the outflows of a pair of hot springs in the Mojave Desert of California.

Where was the last pupfish found in the wild?

Mosquito fish were introduced to the Tecopa waters, where they developed a taste for both the usual pupfish fare and the pupfish themselves. Water pollution from the agricultural and recreational development of the area sounded the final death knell. The last pupfish were spotted in an artificial pond and creek at Jed’s Motel in Tecopa Hot Springs.


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