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How do I recover my IMVU account without password?

How do I recover my IMVU account without password?

Simply file a support ticket through our Help Center. Choose General Support as the category, and then select Disabled Account as the General Topic.

How do I reset my IMVU email?


  1. Click on the Account link located on the upper-right hand corner of the IMVU page.
  2. On the Account Tools box on the right, click on Change email address.
  3. Enter your new email address twice, as well as your IMVU password.

What do you do if you forgot your IMVU password?

IMVU messenger stores the login username and password of your IMVU account in the Windows registry….How to Recover IMVU Login Password

  1. Download and install Password Recovery Bundle.
  2. Run Password Recovery Bundle, then click the Start Recovery button.
  3. Select the IMVU Password option.

Can you get a disabled IMVU account back?

IMVU doesn’t guarantee that you can reactivate your disabled account, especially if you got banned. However, you may be able to reactivate your account through an email link or contact the support team to perform an investigation.

What email can you use for IMVU?

[email protected]
You can also send an email to [email protected] for further help.

Why did my IMVU account get deleted?

You may have deleted it by accident. You may have just forgotten your password. Or your account may have been disabled due to suspicion or allegation of fraud or unauthorized purchases, soliciting passwords, gifting of stolen credits to your account, or some other illegal or inappropriate activity.

How do you recover your IMVU password?

How to Recover IMVU Login Password. Download and install Password Recovery Bundle. Run Password Recovery Bundle, then click the Start Recovery button. It will bring up a drop-down menu that shows all supported password types. Select the IMVU Password option.

How do you change your IMVU password?

STEP 1: Log into your IMVU account. STEP 2: On the upper-right corner, click on Account Settings. STEP 3: On the right hand side under Account Tools select Change password. STEP 4: Enter your current password and your new one. Re-type the password for confirmation.

How does an user reset a password?

Go to Settings > User management.

  • Select the user from the list.
  • Choose Reset password,at the bottom of the page.
  • You will see a confirmation screen with a temporary password for the new sign-in.
  • How can I change my existing password?

    Steps Open your router’s configuration page. You can access your router’s configuration page through a web browser on a computer connected to your network. Enter your router’s username and password. Every router will require a username and password before you can access the innards. Open the Wireless section. Change the password. Check out your security type.

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