How do I recycle an animal in animal jam?

How do I recycle an animal in animal jam?

To recycle a Pet: – Open your Inventory. – Tap the Pet icon at the top of the screen. – Tap the icon with the blue, recycle arrows forming a triangle on the right-side of your screen.

Where is the recycle bin in Animal Jam?

Select the blue recycling bin icon. This button should be near the bottom left corner of the menu. Clicking this button will make recycling bin icons appear on each of your animals.

Can you get rid of an animal in animal jam?

To recycle an animal, click the light blue recycle button at the right down corner of the switch animals box. Then click an animal you want to get rid of. The box will appear that says it you’re really sure you want to recycle that animal. Click Yes, and you will be paid 500 gems to recycle your animal.

How do you get a new animal on animal jam?

– To switch animals, or to add another animal, simply tap the “switch players” icon located at the bottom left of the screen (the two animals with arrows between them). – The next screen will show you which animals you have available and give you the option to add an animal for sapphires or gems.

How do you change your character in Animal Jam?

How do I edit my avatar?

  1. – To customize your animal, tap the animal icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  2. – You will be taken to the edit animal screen where you can scroll through your items and change your colors, patterns, eyes, and clothing items!

How do you get different animals in Animal Jam?

An example of the old Choose an Animal screen New animal avatars can be purchased through the Switch Animals menu by clicking on the “Add Animal” button where an empty slot is available. When creating an animal, Jammers must choose a name that consists of three parts, and this name will stay with the animal forever.

How do you do Adventures on Animal Jam?

If you are new to the Adventure Base Camp, then you’ll first want to visit the green portal labeled Training Grounds. In the Training Grounds, Liza will teach you the basics of Adventuring and defeating the Phantoms. Once you have finished your training, you can start your Adventures!

How do you change your pet’s name on Animal Jam?

– Animal names can also be changed here by tapping your animal’s name tag in the edit animal screen, and you will be able to select a new name for your animal for the cost of 5 Sapphires.

How do you recycle an animal on Animal Jam?

Click the recycling bin icon. Select the animal from your list that you wish to recycle, and click the recycling bin icon by that animal. Verify that you wish to recycle the animal. A message should appear, asking if you wish to recycle the animal and stating how many gems you will receive for recycling it.

How do I recycle an animal on my computer?

Click on create a new animal or recycle one of your animals. You can do this by clicking the light blue circle with a lighter blue recycling can in the bottom right corner, then clicking on the animal you want to recycle.

How many animals can you have on Animal Jam?

On Animal Jam, non-members can only have two animals at a time. Once you have two animals, you may want to buy a new animal in place of one of those animals. Or, maybe you wish to clear up space for new animals as a member. To do so, you would need to recycle one of your existing animals.

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