How do wars affect the economy?

How do wars affect the economy?

Key findings of the report show that in most wars public debt, inflation, and tax rates increase, consumption and investment decrease, and military spending displaces more productive government investment in high-tech industries, education, or infrastructure—all of which severely affect long-term economic growth rates.

How does war affect nature?

Military activity has significant impacts on the environment. Not only can war be destructive to the socioenvironment, but military activities produce extensive amounts of greenhouse gases (that contribute to anthropogenic climate change), pollution, and cause resource depletion, among other environmental impacts.

What are the effects of war on people?

The families of soldiers are affected by war and may experience secondary traumatization. Children with one or more parent deployed may experience nightmares and anxious behavior caused by constant worry. People who are living in areas that are affected by war are the innocent victims of combat,…

How are children affected by the violence of war?

They die as civilians caught in the violence of war, as combatants directly targeted, or in the course of ethnic cleansing. Injury. Children suffer a range of war injuries. Certain weapons affect them particularly. A landmine explosion is more likely to kill or seriously injure a child than an adult (3).

How is quality of life affected by disease?

A primary aim of treatment, particularly in chronic disease, is to enhance the quality of life by reducing the impact of the disease. Yet patients with severe disease do not necessarily report having a poor quality of life.3Therefore the relation between symptoms and quality of life is neither simple nor direct.

Why do men want to go to war?

Men will volunteer for war when its about protecting home and land. Men wont fight a war for the government but will fight for America you see. So youll see in the future wars and rumors of wars in the media which will be the outlet of which men and woman use to decide if a war is necessary or not.

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