How do you cut air suspension lines?

How do you cut air suspension lines?

When cutting or trimming the air line, use a hose cutter, a razor blade or a sharp knife. A clean, square cut will ensure against leaks. Do not use wire cutters or scissors to cut the air line. These tools may flatten or crimp the air line, causing it to leak around the O-ring seal inside the fitting.

How do you bend Air Lines?

Very gentle heating with a hairdryer can be used to soften lines to make a bend without kinking but always exercise caution when doing so and remember any deformation of the line will reduce strength. Cut air lines with a hose cutter or utility knife.

Can you cut airline tubing?

When cutting airline tubing always cut them a bit longer than what you need, as you can always trim them later but you can’t add length if the line is too short. Cutting the tubing at a slight angle will help when placing and removing the tubing from the equipment.

Is air suspension hard to install?

Setting up a performance-oriented vehicle with an air suspension system is surprisingly straightforward. To install the shocks themselves, you follow the same procedure as you would for a standard shock/strut replacement. This is because air ride shocks are designed to bolt right in place of the factory equipment.

How much does it cost to install air suspension?

The installation can run anywhere from $500.00 US for a simple helper spring kit, and up to $1500.00 US for a complete retrofit for front and rear. Sometimes air bags leak and need to be replaced. The cost to replace an airbag sits somewhere between $1400.00 and $1500.00 US.

What are the pros and cons of air shocks?

Installing Air Shocks Another advantage of air shocks is their ability to quickly adapt to handling requirements. The most advanced systems are designed to increase airbag pressure in response to sustained compression, which makes fo r improved handling prowess and greater stability.

What’s the best way to cut an air line?

Cut the air line with a hose cutting tool. This will ensure a clean square cut without deforming the air line. Angular cuts, flattened or out of round air line is a major cause of leaks at the fitting. With the fitting secured in the air spring (finger tight plus two turns), push the air line into the fitting while applying a slight turning motion.

What are air fittings in air suspension kits?

Air fittings are the components that connect one item to another (ex. air line to air spring, air line to air line, air line to compressor, etc.). As a leader in air suspension innovation, Air Lift was one of the first to provide push to connect air fittings in air spring kits.

What makes up the air ride suspension system?

There are several components that make up a complete air ride suspension system: air springs, air line, valves and fittings. Air fittings are the components that connect one item to another (ex. air line to air spring, air line to air line, air line to compressor, etc.).

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