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How do you describe someone with Down syndrome?

How do you describe someone with Down syndrome?

Instead of describing someone as “a Down syndrome child,” it should be “a child with Down syndrome.” This is called “person first” language and takes care to put the emphasis on a person, not a disability. Describing the condition as “Down’s”, i.e. “He has Down’s,” or a child as a “Down’s child” should also be avoided.

How do you interact with someone with Down syndrome?

Always speak directly with the person with Down syndrome, not the person with them. Give them time to respond. Take their lead on what support they need to communicate. Know that every person with Down syndrome is unique, with their individual personality, strengths and support needs.

How does a person with Down syndrome see the world?

Research suggests that all children with Down syndrome experience impaired vision to varying degrees. Early detection, treatment and effective support are vital to minimize the impact of poor eyesight on development and learning.

Can a Down syndrome person have a normal baby?

Misconception: People who have Down syndrome cannot have children. Reality: It’s true that a person with Down syndrome may have significant challenges in rearing a child. But women who have Down syndrome are fertile and can give birth to children.

Can someone with Down syndrome have normal intelligence?

I.Q. scores for people with Down syndrome vary, with the average cognitive delays being mild to moderate, not severe. In fact, normal intelligence is possible.

When do Downs babies talk?

Generally, children with Down syndrome have verbally expressed their first words between ages one and four. They’ve connected two words to make a phrase between the ages of two and seven-and-a-half.

How do you discipline someone with Down syndrome?

Children with down syndrome tend to respond to positive behavior techniques rather than discipline. So remember, stay positive and use other tools before resorting to discipline.” while there are many things that experts and professionals can help with, simple daily actions you take at home can also have a huge impact.

What do people with Down syndrome feel like?

Nearly 99% people with Down syndrome expressed love for their families, and 97% liked their brothers and sisters. While 86% of people with Down syndrome felt they could make friends easily, those with difficulties mostly had isolating living situations.

Are there more positive people with Down syndrome?

The vast majority of surveyed parents of children with Down syndrome report having a more positive outlook on life because of their child, and nearly 90 percent of siblings feel they are better people because of their sibling with Down syndrome. HOPE FOR THE FUTURE

What’s the best way to talk to someone with Down syndrome?

Try to not make assumptions about how much the person can understand. A few key things to keep in mind when communicating with a person with Down syndrome: Assume competence. Give people a chance to show how capable they are. Always speak directly with the person with Down syndrome, not the person with them. Give them time to respond.

Can a person with Down syndrome get married?

People with Down syndrome date and get married. As Tommy said, “Kissing is my favorite pastime.” Because Down syndrome can come with cognitive delays, some seem to want to deprive people with Down syndrome of the ability to have romance in their lives. And yet, “I’m so romantic!”

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