How do you mute people in Old School RuneScape?

How do you mute people in Old School RuneScape?

To find the audio settings tab in RuneScape: Login and connect to a world. Press “Esc” and choose “Settings” Select the “Audio” tab….Managing your audio settings.

Option Description
Global Mute Mutes all game sounds.
Music This adjusts the volume of the songs in game.

How do you get player mods on Osrs?

Player Moderators are invited to the Player Moderator team in-game or by e-mail. Jagex will only notify a player that they have been invited via that player’s RuneScape inbox.

How do you maximize Old School RuneScape?

You can enable resizable mode in game by navigating to your options tab and selecting the resizable mode button. Enabling resizable mode will immediately expand the game to fit the size of your client window, letting you see the Old School world like never before.

What is Mod Ash?

Mod Ash is a Principal Content Developer at Jagex. He originally contributed towards the development of RuneScape, before moving to work on Old School RuneScape after its release. He currently leads the Juggernauts team.

How long do RuneScape mutes last?

Mutes given out by Player Moderators are temporary one hour mutes, just long enough for Jagex to investigate the situation or longer if it’s deemed necessary. Muted players are also barred from posting on the RuneScape Official Forums.

How do I appeal mute RuneScape?

For members, most mutes can be appealed by submitting an appeal from the Account Status section of the Account Management page.

Do RuneScape Mods get paid?

In fact, Jagex encourages their Player Moderators to only report if it’s absolutely necessary. Player Moderators are given money to train skills and buy items instead of working to make their money. Just like every other player, Player Moderators have to find their own ways of making money.

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