How do you open the door to the keeper of the Fang Wizard101?

How do you open the door to the keeper of the Fang Wizard101?

You need to defeat the 3 bosses, Defender, Guardian and Protector of the Fang, and do each of their puzzles to unlock the door to the Keeper. That will show the locations of each.

How do you exit Wizard101?

To Exit Wizard101 all you need to do is press the escape key on your keyboard “Esc”, then left click “Quit”.

How do you get in the door behind the waterfall in Wizard101?

Re: What is the door behind the waterfall? Nightside. You’ll be able to enter it after you complete Triton Avenue, Cyclops Lane, Fire cat Alley, Of Course, Unicorn Way.

How do you walk in Wizard101?

Walk option – Press a combination of keys on the keyboard to activate walking ( like SHIFT + W), then use arrow keys as usual. To reactivate the default run, press the same keys to switch back. Or, there can be an option that you can click up on screen to activate walking.

How do you move in Wizard101?

How to Play Wizard101

  1. Up Arrow — Move Forwards.
  2. Left Arrow — Move Left.
  3. Right Arrow — Move Right.
  4. Down Arrow — Move Backwards.
  5. Num Lock — Autorun.
  6. Esc — Open/Close Options Panel.
  7. Enter — Start Text Chat.
  8. Space — Jump.

Where is the entrance hall Krokotopia?

Re: Entrance hall?? If you open your map while you’re in the Oasis, and then click the magnifying glass in the lower corner of it, it will show you where all the named areas of Krokotopia are. The Entrance Hall is on Krokosphinx Island, which you won’t unlock until you finish the Pyramid areas.

How do I change controls in Wizard101?

How to change your Keybinds (keyboard shortcuts)

  1. Select My computer.
  2. For default install setup location go to, C:\Program Files\KingsIsle Entertainment\Wizard101\Bin.
  3. Sort by “Type” to bring XML documents to top.
  4. use mouse to Right click on config file and choose, “Open With”, Notepad.

How do you autorun in Wizard101?

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