How does the speaker feel about America?

How does the speaker feel about America?

The speaker has a love-hate relationship with America, so he chooses to be optimistic, but also realistic about America. The speaker loves America and chooses not to focus on those things that he does not like and cannot change. Read the following lines from the poem.

Which of the following best describes the speaker feelings about America?

Which of the following best describes the speaker’s feelings about America? The speaker has experienced both good and bad things in America, and thus remains indifferent.

What is Claude McKay America about?

“America” dramatizes the conflict between an oppressive country and the individuals it oppresses. As the poem unfolds, the power dynamic between America and the speaker shifts. He first personifies the country as a “she” who “feeds” him “bitterness” as if by force, then compares it to a tiger attacking him.

Who is the speaker of the poem America by Claude McKay?

The speaker is African American for it alludes to the abstract version of someone who is like Claude McKay, which is shown through the use of words such as “me,” (1) (6) “my,” (2) (3) (5) (7) and “I.” (3) (4) (9) (11) This speaker tries to elucidate to the audience of other suffering Americans that the inspiration that …

What can the reader infer about the speaker of the poem on being brought from Africa to America?

The speaker reminds fellow Christians that African Americans, with their skin as dark as that of the biblical figure of Cain, also have access to redemption and salvation through Christianity.

Which of these is an example of Keeping up with the Joneses *?

Definition of ‘keep up with the Joneses’ If you say that someone is keeping up with the Joneses, you mean that they are doing something in order to show that they have as much money as other people, rather than because they really want to do it. Many people were holding down three jobs just to keep up with the Joneses.

What’s the meaning of the poem Love hates America?

The poem describes the speaker’s love-hate relationship with America. McKay considers the country to be “a cultured hell,” and yet he admits that he also can’t help loving and admiring the country. These two intense emotions come from two of the completely contradictory aspects of American culture that are most well known: oppression and freedom.

What is the theme of Claude McKay’s poem America?

The theme and tone of this poem reflect the hope and excitement of the Harlem renaissance mixed with the struggle that was also happening at the same time. The tone shows how many blacks felt during the Harlem renaissance and the mental standpoint that they had at the time. In “America” personification is used.

What does Claude McKay and his lasting influence mean?

Claude McKay and His Lasting Influence. This rhyme scheme is evident in many of Claude McKay’s poetry and this is used to emphasize the meaning and the creativity used by the author. In the poem, the speaker has a love-hate relationship with America, this is similar to the position that many blacks had at the time.

What does Volta mean in Claude McKay’s America?

Upon the 8th line, the poem has a Volta, with a slight change in direction appearing in the verse. This further divides the pome into one octave (8 lines) and one sestet (seven lines), denoting the change in direction. Sonnets are historically associated with love, with McKay using the structure to suggest his love for the country.

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