How is Polyphemus barbaric?

How is Polyphemus barbaric?

One of the things that the Greeks clearly considered barbarous was the idea of being a bad host. They were really into the idea of hospitality — the idea that a host had to treat a guest well. This is what really makes Polyphemus a bad guy. Instead of protecting the people who are his guests, he kills and eats them.

What is one of Odysseus flaws that gets him in trouble upon entering the cave of the Cyclops?

Above all, Odysseus must battle his own weaknesses. His greed gets him trapped in the Cyclops’ cave, and his pride causes him to reveal his name to the Cyclops, who calls down Poseidon’s wrath. He succumbs to the temptation of luxury and stays with Circe for a full year.

Is Odysseus barbaric?

After killing the men, raping the women, and stealing their treasure (or at least allowing his crew to do so), Odysseus cannot exactly be considered perfectly civilized. In this sense Odysseus is both the civilized and the savage, because he exhibits traits of both at different points of the story.

Why does Odysseus consider the Cyclops barbarians?

Odysseus believed the Cyclopes were barbarians because they were tall, strong, and only had one eye. Odysseus devises a plan that enables him and his men to escape from the Cyclops’ cave and to prevent anyone from coming to the Cyclops aid.

What is Odysseus qualities that gets him into trouble?

One of the most significant ways in which Odysseus creates trouble for himself and his crew is by ignoring their pleas to take some food and quickly return to their ship when they come to the land of the Cyclops.

How does Odysseus show determination in the Odyssey?

It is what helps him finally reach his wife and son. Odysseus’s determination is exhibited well in three parts of The Odyssey: in the Land of the Lotus Eaters, when his men release the winds, and when he clings to the tree over Charybdis. However, Odysseus pines for Ithaca and was determined to reach home once more.

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