How long is a 1972 Plymouth Duster?

How long is a 1972 Plymouth Duster?

These Dusters were five-passenger two-door coupes that had an overall length from bumper to bumper of 188.4 inches. The wheelbase, or the measurement between a center-line of the front and rear wheels, was 108 inches.

What body style is a 73 Plymouth Duster?

The original Plymouth Duster is a semi-fastback two-door coupe version of the compact-sized Plymouth Valiant automobile that was marketed by Plymouth in the U.S. from 1970 to 1976 model years….

Plymouth Duster
Class Compact car
Body style 2-door coupe
Layout Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive
Platform A-body

What was the last year of the Plymouth Duster?

The last year for the Plymouth Duster was 1994. It was replaced by the Dodge and Plymouth Neon; finally, the Dodge Neon SRT4 took the place of the Duster 340.

What is the bolt pattern for a 1973 Plymouth Duster?

I had assumed the 7.25 out of the slant six 73 duster would be a big bolt pattern. Out of curiosity, I measured the bolt patterns from both rearends and they were both sbp. They were both 4″ bolt pattern.

How much horsepower does a Plymouth Duster have?

Powertrain specs

Engine type Chrysler 340 Cu
Displacement 5.6 l (340 ci / 5572 cc)
Power 279 ps (275 bhp / 205 kw) @ 5000 rpm
Torque 461 Nm (340 lb-ft) @ 3200 rpm
Power / liter 50 ps (49 hp)

What was the model year of the 1973 Plymouth Duster?

3) Standard and Alternative Wheel and Tire Sizes 1973 Plymouth Duster 225 6 TorqueFlite (aut. 3) Market Competition Plymouth Duster 225 6 (man. 3) , model year 1973, version for North America (up to September) 1973 Plymouth Duster 225 6 (man.

Who was the designer of the Chrysler Duster?

Working under Milt was Neil Walling, who would become Chrysler’s Director of Advanced and Exterior Large Car, Small Car, and Minivan Design but then was a junior stylist. He had been working on full-size Plymouths before being pulled in to work on what became the Duster. “I was asked to do some sketches,” Walling recalls.

What kind of seats does a Gold Duster have?

The Gold Duster came with special badging, gold stripes on the sides and rear, wall-to-wall carpeting, pleated or all-vinyl seats, deluxe insulation and a canopy vinyl roof.

Why was the Duster program not under scrutiny?

The Duster program didn’t attract much scrutiny because compared with the E-body program, the Duster was small change. So we could pretty well operate under everyone’s radar screen. “Still, it was an extraordinarily tough tooling budget.

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