How many days is required for a cadet for sea service experience?

How many days is required for a cadet for sea service experience?

After completion of the twelve (12) months seagoing service, every student cadet shall be required to report to the shipboard training office of the maritime HEI concerned within 30 days after disembarkation for debriefing, validation of TRB, approval of the twelve months seagoing service and assessment purposes.

How many months do you have to serve onboard as a rating before you can take the deck officer’s examination?

– having completed approved sea-going service as a deck officer/engineer officer or as a radio officer for a period of not less than three months in a supernumerary capacity immediately prior to taking up the rank to which he is entitled by virtue of his certificate.

How long do seafarers stay at sea?

The duration of seafarers’ contracts varies, but they typically work between four and six months on ships, followed by a period of leave. When at sea, they often work 10-12 hours shifts, seven days a week – performing tasks that require constant professional attention.

How is sea service time calculated?

How Do I Count Sea Service? thirty day months add up to one 360-day year on the Coast Guard’s calendar. specifically state that you worked 12 hours per day. one month of sea time.

How long is seaman training?

The course typically involves three years of classroom instruction and one year of on-board training. Afterwards, the person needs to take (and pass) the seaman’s state board exam. If you are not a BSMT or BSMarE graduate, working on a ship is still possible as long as you take the necessary training.

What is certificate of sea service?

Seagoing service is the period for which you have signed on board a ship as a seafarer. Seagoing service is used as the basis for the issuance of certificates of competency and certificates of proficiency. You can record your seagoing service on My page.

How often do you get shore leave?

Despite having pointed at several occasions, the importance of shore leaves for seafarers, the issue of shore leaves remains under discussion. Recently, several cases have come up where seafarers were denied access to port.

How long is the contract of Seaman?

12 months
The period of employment shall be for a period mutually agreed upon by the seafarer and the employer but not to exceed 12 months. Any extension of the contract shall be subject to the mutual consent of both parties.

How do I get sea service experience?

To document your experience on the water, use the Small Vessel Sea Service Form CG-719S and record to the best of your recollection the number of days that you were on the water in any given month and year. The Coast Guard is not looking for law books or official records to certify this time.

What is Basic seaman course?

Also known as “BT,” “SOLAS,” “BST,” or “Basic Safety,” Basic Training is a mandatory course designed to teach seafarers (1) personal survival techniques, (2) fire prevention and fire-fighting, (3) elementary first-aid, and (4) personal safety and social responsibilities in keeping with Section A-VI/1 of the Standards …

Who is responsible for watchkeeping at a port?

Watchkeeping duties at ports : The duty Deck Officer (OOW) and the crew of the watch shall carry out their duties in compliance with the below procedures: All relevant rules, regulations, and laws must be observed at all times

How many days of watchkeeping do you need?

At least 180 days of watchkeeping duties or equivalent to six (6) months. The required number of days is not necessarily in consecutive order. Accumulated days are acceptable. A day of watchkeeping duty is equivalent to at maximum four (4) hours of duty.

Why do you need a deck watch on a ship?

Watch arrangements for keeping a deck watch when the ship is in port shall at all times be adequate to: ensure the safety of life, of the ship, the port and the environment, and the safe operation of all machinery related to cargo operation; observe international, national and local rules; and

When does the deck watch initiate an emergency stop?

The deck watch shall initiate Emergency Stop procedure if the risk of pollution is expected. Before taking over the deck watch, the relieving officer shall be informed of the following by the OOW as to:

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