How many people died in Camp Chase?

How many people died in Camp Chase?

As Union victories led to increased numbers of Confederate prisoners, Camp Chase expanded operations to include the incarceration of thousands of Confederate enlisted men. More than 2,000 Confederate soldiers died at the camp, victims of malnutrition, exposure, and disease.

How many prisoners were at Camp Douglas?

Camp Douglas, which from February 1862 until July 1865 housed some 30,000 Confederate prisoners (as many as 12,082 of them at a time), was one of the longest operating prison camps during the war.

Where was Camp Chase located?

Columbus, Ohio
Camp Chase was a military staging and training camp established in Columbus, Ohio in May 1861 after the start of the American Civil War….

Camp Chase
Location 2900 Sullivant Ave., Columbus, Ohio
Coordinates 39°56′38″N 83°4′33″WCoordinates: 39°56′38″N 83°4′33″W
Area 1.4 acres (0.57 ha)
Built 1861

How long is Camp Chase Trail?

15.2 mi

Camp Chase Trail
Length 15.2 mi (24.5 km)
Location Madison and Franklin counties, Ohio, United States
Designation USBR 21 / USBR 50 / State Bike Route 1
Trailheads Lilly Chapel to N. Eureka Ave. in Columbus, Ohio

How many died at Andersonville?

The largest and most famous of 150 military prisons of the Civil War, Camp Sumter, commonly known as Andersonville, was the deadliest landscape of the Civil War. Of the 45,000 Union soldiers imprisoned here, nearly 13,000 died.

How long is the Heart of Ohio Trail?

15.7 mile
The Heart of Ohio Trail is a 15.7 mile trail that goes from Mount Vernon, Ohio and travels southwest through the towns of Mount Liberty and Centerburg before ending at Huffman Road about 2 miles southwest of Centerburg.

How big was the prison at Camp Chase?

Prison conditions. The largest amount of soldiers and officers held at Camp chase at a single time was in 1863 when the prison camp held around 8,000 men. Because of the large amount of prisoners crowded in relatively small area, there was also a large outbreak of smallpox and other deadly diseases.

What was left of Camp Chase after the Civil War?

The Union military closed Camp Chase at the end of the Civil War. Most of what remains of the site today is two acres of land, consisting primarily of the Confederate cemetery. In 1896, William Knauss, a former officer in the Northern army, organized a memorial service for the dead Confederates.

When was Camp Chase in Columbus Ohio established?

A reproduction of a photograph depicting Union Civil War prison, Camp Chase, Columbus, Ohio ca. 1860-1865. In 1861, Camp Chase was established in Columbus, Ohio, to replace Camp Jackson.

Who was the prisoner of war Camp Chase named after?

Named for former Ohio Governor, Salmon P. Chase, who was Lincoln’s Secretary of the Treasury; it was a training camp for Ohio volunteer army soldiers, a parole camp, a muster outpost, and later a prisoner-of-war camp.

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