How many times have the Giants beat the Dodgers?

How many times have the Giants beat the Dodgers?

The Dodgers last appeared in the World Series in 2020, winning in six games. During their time on the East Coast, the Giants won the series 721–670–17 against the Dodgers….Dodgers–Giants rivalry.

Meetings total 2,540
Regular season series Giants, 1,270–1,248–17
Postseason results Dodgers, 3–2

How many times have the Dodgers faced the Giants in the playoffs?

Fierce Dodgers-Giants rivalry takes playoff stage The Giants and Dodgers have faced one another more than 2,500 times since 1890. Only 22 victories separate the two rivals, with the Giants holding that slim edge.

How long have the Giants and Dodgers been rivals?

The Dodgers-Giants rivalry dates back to the late 1800s but, believe it or not, 2021 was the first time they met in a winner-take-all postseason game with everything on the line. Of course, 2021 also marked the first time (somehow) that the two NL West rivals ever met in the postseason, period.

How many games have the Giants won against the Dodgers in 2021?

109 victories
Including the regular season and postseason, the Giants and Dodgers now each own 109 victories in 2021. So far, San Francisco holds a 12-11 edge over Los Angeles. But all it will take is one more win for either team to advance to the National League Championship Series against Atlanta.

How many times have the Dodgers played the Giants in 2021?

NLDS 2021: Dodgers & Giants, playing 24 times, are intimately familiar – True Blue LA.

What’s the standing between the Giants and the Dodgers?


1 Giants Z 107-55
2 Dodgers W 106-56
3 Padres 79-83
4 Rockies 74-87

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