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How many times was Lew DeWitt married?

How many times was Lew DeWitt married?

DeWitt was married three times. From 1961 through 1973, he was married to Glenda Kay Simmers, with whom he had two sons and two daughters. He was later married to Joyce Anne Arehart, and then Judy Fitzgerald Wells.

What illness did Lew DeWitt have?

Crohn’s disease
DeWitt had regional enteritis, or Crohn’s disease, an inflammation of the digestive tract. He left the group on doctor’s orders, but continued to perform sporadically with the Star City Band.

Who was Lew DeWitt married to?

Glenda Kay Simmers
In 1961 DeWitt married Glenda Kay Simmers in Baltimore, Maryland. They had two sons and two daughters. The Statler Brothers began garnering increased attention.

Why did Lew leave the Statler Brothers?

Ex-Statler Brothers tenor Lew DeWitt, who quit the perennially-popular group three years ago because of a rare and painful illness, also considered quitting life as well. Existing had become more of a trial than he thought he cared to endure.

How many of the Statler Brothers have passed away?

Harold Reid, member of the Statler Brothers, dies at 80 after battling kidney failure. Country Music Hall of Famer Harold Reid, founding member of the Statler Brothers, died at his home Friday evening. His death was confirmed by his nephew Langdon Reid, the son of Statler Don Reid.

Where are the Statler Brothers today?

The Statler Brothers finished a final tour and retired from performing as a group with a final show on October 26, 2002. Jimmy Fortune continues to tour and record as a solo act. Harold, Don, and Phil are home in their beloved Staunton, Virginia.

What happened to the 4th Statler Brothers?

Who was Lew DeWitt married to in real life?

Mini Bio (1) Lew DeWitt was born on March 12, 1938 in Roanoke, Virginia, USA as Lewis Calvin DeWitt Jr. He was married to Judy Fitzgerald Wells, Joyce Anne Arehart and Glenda Kay Simmers. He died on August 15, 1990 in Waynesboro, Virginia.

Who are the children of Lew DeWitt Statler Brothers?

DeWitt is survived by his wife, Judy; four children, Denver, Brian, Donna Kay DeWitt and Shannon DeWitt, and his mother, Rose Hogan DeWitt. A private family memorial was planned.

How old was Lewis DeWitt when he died?

Lewis Calvin DeWitt (March 12, 1938 – August 15, 1990) was an American country music singer, guitarist, and composer.

When did Lew DeWitt start his solo career?

In 1968, while the group was under contract to Columbia Records, DeWitt recorded a solo single composed of the songs “She Went A Little Bit Farther” and “Brown Eyes” (the latter was penned by DeWitt).

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