How much is the most expensive gaming desk?

How much is the most expensive gaming desk?

How Much Does a Gaming Desk Cost?

Gaming Desks Name Minimum Price Maximum Price
Casaottima L shaped desk $69.99 $99.99
Bestier L shaped desk (elevated, strip light storage) $159.99 $259.99
Designa straight desk (large mouse pad, multi-functional) $175.99 $199.99
SP straight gaming desk (elevated pc) $89.99 $99.99

What is the most expensive table?

The Tufft Pier Table
World’s most Expensive Table:The Tufft Pier Table with a price tag of $ 4.6 million, this small, cute and one of its kind table is definitely a furniture item that will add elegance to the corner of your living room.

How much is a computer desk worth?

Office Computer Desk Average Costs Most computer office desks cost anywhere from $200 to $2,000. The price depends on the quality of materials, size, and the configuration. A Bestar Hamilton laminate corner computer desk with a slide-out keyboard tray retails for $350 to $500.

What are expensive desks made out of?

Expensive Desks Are Made from Solid Wood Desks made from rare woods such as sandalwood, ebony, or bubinga are rare and will cause a huge spike in the final cost because these woods sell for upward of $100 per board foot.

What desk is ninja?

NZXT H700i – Licensed Ninja Edition – ATX Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case.

What desk does PewDiePie have?

The desk PewDiePie uses is a Humanscale desk with a float table base which makes it easy to transform it into a standing desk anytime you want. PewDiePie uses the SMAGREHO hammock as a foot rest under his desk.

What is the most expensive PC setup?

8Pack OrionX: Most Expensive High-End Gaming PC. What is this? At the moment, 8Pack OrionX is the world’s most expensive gaming PC Or two PCs since you get two systems in one case, both remarkably powerful and more than able for anything from gaming to other powerful computational workloads.

Why are some desks so expensive?

Standing desks are expensive because the materials they are made of are costly and have electric motors for height adjustability which take more time and effort to build. Also, these desks are known for their ergonomic benefits for health and productivity that also affect the actual desk cost.

What is the most expensive desk?

Parnian has been designing “Power Desks” for CEOs and celebrities for thirty years. While the most expensive desk in the world retails for $200,000, their more conventional desks start around $6,000.

What is an office desk?

An office desk in a cubicle, which shows the sharing of space between computer components and paper documents.

What is computer desk?

Computer desk. The most common form of the computer desk is a variant of the ergonomic desk, which has an adjustable keyboard tray and sufficient desktop space for handwriting. Provisions for a monitor shelf and holes for routing cables are integrated in the design, making it easier to connect the computer components together.

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