How much is the Togedemaru worth?

How much is the Togedemaru worth?

The estimated market value is $1.55. Mavin found 31 sold results, ranging in value from $0.50 to $22.46. Use the check boxes to choose comparables and save a price estimate.

How much is a Pokemon card worth?

On average, Pokémon cards are worth $1.20. Most “Rare” Pokémon cards are valued under $10 and cards that are classified as “uncommon” or below are often worth less than $1. Older and promotional Pokémon cards have a much higher value on average, with some cards being worth over $300,000.

What Pokemon common cards are worth money?

Here are some of the most valuable Gold Star Pokemon cards:

  • Charizard 100/101, EX Dragon Frontiers.
  • Mew 101/101, EX Dragon Frontiers.
  • Latias 105/107, EX Deoxys.
  • Latios 106/107, EX Deoxys.
  • Rayquaza 107/107, EX Deoxys.
  • Celebi 100/100, EX Crystal Guardians.
  • Gyarados 102/110, EX Holon Phantoms.
  • Mewtwo 103/110, EX Holon Phantoms.

What are the top 10 rarest Pokémon cards?

Rare and valuable Pokémon cards

  • Gold Pikachu.
  • Prerelease Raichu.
  • Master’s Key.
  • Gold Star Espeon and Umbreon.
  • 2002 No. 1 Trainer.
  • Tropical Wind.
  • 1999 No. 1 Trainer.
  • 1st Edition Holo Lugia.

Are Pokémon cards worth anything 2021?

In 2021, a PSA 7 version of the Pokemon card sold for $247,230 at Goldin Auctions. The massive jump in this Pokemon card’s value came as a result of the collectible actually being signed by Ishihara himself, truly making it a one-of-a-kind oddity in the TCG.

How much is a shiny Pikachu card worth from McDonald’s?

Pikachu #25 Pokemon McDonalds 2021

Sale Date ▲ ▼ Title ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ Price
2021-11-26 2021 Pokemon PIKACHU Holo McDonald’s Collection #25 PSA 9 Mint #25 $60.00
2021-11-24 HOLO PIKACHU McDonalds 2021 Pokemon Promo Card 25th Anniversary MINT PSA 9 $69.95
2021-11-16 Pokemon Mcdonalds 2021 Pikachu Holo Promo Card *MINT PSA 9* $51.00

What is the rarest 2021 Pokemon card?

21 most expensive Pokemon cards in 2021

  • Blastoise 1st Edition Shadowless Base Set.
  • Chansey #3 1st Edition Shadowless Base Set.
  • 2010 Pokemon World Championship Master’s Key.
  • Charizard Gold Star Holo Dragon Frontiers.
  • Torchic Gold Star Holo Team Rocket Returns.
  • Crystal Charizard Holo Skyridge.
  • Poliwrath No Rarity Base Set.

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