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How old is Capricorn Anderson?

How old is Capricorn Anderson?

13 year old
Capricorn Anderson is a 13 year old hippie boy, who lives with his grandmother in solitude at a farm commune, as told during the exposition of the book.

Why did rain sell Garland?

When Rain realizes the disservice she has done Cap by not educating him about the world, she decides to sell Garland Farm and raise Cap in the outside world so he can be better prepared for the future. Mr. Kasigi is the assistant principal of the middle school.

Who are the main characters in schooled by Gordon Korman?

The main character of the book is Cap, who is a hippy who’s been raised on a farm, homeschooled by his grandma, and has never watched TV or eaten pizza. An accident throws him into the public school system and he is ridiculed for his odd habits including Yoga and hand-made clothes.

How old is cap in the book schooled by Gordon Korman?

“Schooled” was just as excellent and definitely fit the bill of a 5-star Gordon Korman book! “Schooled” introduces readers to an extremely sheltered 13-year-old boy, Cap. When the story begins, Cap and his grandmother, Rain, live on an isolated farm commune where they live an alternate lifestyle.

Who is the author of the book schooled?

Schooled is a 2007 children’s novel by Gordon Korman . The plot begins with Capricorn Anderson, nicknamed “Cap,” being arrested for driving without a license. When questioned, Cap tells the arresting officer that he was driving his grandmother, Rain to the hospital after she injured herself climbing a tree.

When did the book Pop by Gordon Korman come out?

One of the books I’ve always been most proud of is POP, my young adult novel about the oddball friendship between a high school football player and a retired NFL linebacker who suffers from CTE. But a lot has changed since POP first came out in 2009. The diagnosis of CTE barely existed back then.

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