How old is the light from the Andromeda Galaxy?

How old is the light from the Andromeda Galaxy?

2.5 million years
Other Galaxies

Object Time for the Light to Reach Us
Sirius (brightest star in our sky) 9 years
Betelgeuse (bright star) 430 years
Orion Nebula 1500 years
Andromeda Galaxy 2.5 million years

How does human vision peak in color sensitivity relate to the sun?

How does human vision’s peak in color sensitivity relate to the Sun? The Doppler shift gives the star’s radial velocity, either towards or away from us.

Which of these is emitted when an electron falls from a higher to lower orbital quizlet?

An emission line results from an electron falling from a higher to lower energy orbital around its atomic nucleus. The shorter a wave’s wavelength, the greater its energy. Spectral lines are produced when an electron makes a transition from one energy state to another.

How can we know the Andromeda Galaxy exists today?

Why can’t we be certain that the Andromeda Galaxy exists today? There is no denying that the Andromeda Galaxy existed at one point in time. However, because the galaxy is a staggering 2.5 billion light years away, there is no way to prove it still exists.

Is Andromeda closer than we see it?

The Andromeda galaxy is about 2.5 million light years away, so we see it as it was 2.5 million years ago. If we assume that Andromeda has been moving at that same speed and direction for the past 2.5 million years, then in that time it has traveled about 900 light years closer to us.

Why is the human eye most sensitive to green?

The color perceived depends on how much each type of cone is stimulated. Yellow is perceived when the yellow-green receptor is stimulated slightly more than the blue-green receptor. The eye is most sensitive to green light (555 nm) because green stimulates two of the three kinds of cones, L and M, almost equally.

Which color is human eye most sensitive to?

green colour
This curve peaks at 555 nanometers of wavelength which corresponds to green colour in the normal visible spectrum of light, which means under normal lighting conditions, the eye is most sensitive to Green colour.

When an electron falls from a higher to lower orbital?

When an electron falls form a height energy to a lower level, the difference in the energies appears in the form of electromegnetic radiation.

When the moon is directly opposite the sun in the sky its phase is?

Test 1 (part 1)

Question Answer
Driving eastward just before sunrise, if you observe the Moon in the eastern sky, its phase must be: waning Crescent
When the Moon is directly opposite the Sun in ht sky, its phase is: full
The last quarter phase of the Moon: crosses the meridian at sunrise

Where on earth would you be if Polaris was at your zenith?

the North pole
One particular star convenient for measuring Earth position is the North Star or Polaris. It remains fixed hour after hour, night after night. For example if you were on Earth and saw Polaris at zenith, you would be located at the North pole.

Which types of radiation can be observed from the tops of mountains?

Astronomers can observe some infrared wavelengths by putting telescopes on mountain tops. Balloon experiments can reach 35 km above the surface and can operate for months.

Is the Andromeda galaxy visible from the UK?

It’s the closest major galaxy to the Milky Way, and can only be seen if you have a really dark sky. However, the good news is that it’s visible all year round from the UK. To find Andromeda, it’s easiest to start with the constellation Cassiopeia.

Are there any Andromedans in the Milky Way?

Perhaps the depictions of archangels are actually images of the winged Andromedans coming as they came into our world and were thought to be the angels themselves. Star seeds: There are less Andromedan souls incarnated here than the beings listed from our Milky Way Galaxy, but there are still more than from other galaxies.

How are Andromedan starseeds different from our galaxy?

They usually live understated lives and only contain a small bit of their Andromedan energy. The frequency is much different than that of our galaxy and this appears to affect the ease of incarnation and the amount of soul energy that can be maintained in the human form in 3D.

Which is the brightest star in the Andromeda Galaxy?

Here’s the technique most people use to find the Andromeda galaxy. Just be sure you’re looking in a dark sky. Look northward for the M- or W-shaped constellation Cassiopeia the Queen. Now locate the star Schedar in Cassiopeia. It’s the constellation’s brightest star, and it points to the Andromeda galaxy.

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