How old was Jack Sparrow when he died?

How old was Jack Sparrow when he died?

According to this timeline the saving of Elizabeth and his death happend in the same year, so he was 39 or 40. Johnny Depp was 40 when playing in the first part of the movies, so I guess they estimated Sparrow’s age by Johnny’s age.

When did Captain Jack Sparrow die?

Who is Jack Sparrow?

Hair color Brown/Black
Height 5′ 10″ (1.78 m)
Born Early 1690s on a pirate ship during a typhoon
Died 1729 eaten by the Kraken after being manacled to the Black Pearl’s mainmast by Elizabeth Swann (escaped Davy Jones’ Locker later)
Behind the scenes

What age is Captain Jack Sparrow?

He is ~58. And thats assuming the Henry Turner is 20 and the 5th movie didnt take place a few years later. According to Pirates of the Caribbean: The Complete Guide, Jack Sparrow was born on a pirate ship early in the year 1700. Curse of the Black Pearl takes place in 1728, making Jack 28 years old.

Is Captain Jack Sparrow dead?

At World’s End. Two months following the events of the second film, with Davy Jones’s heart in his possession and the Flying Dutchman under his command, Cutler Beckett begins exterminating all pirates. Only Jack Sparrow is missing, killed and sent to Davy Jones’s Locker at the end of the previous film.

How old is Jack in Torchwood?

He’s discovered, revived, and frozen in cryo by Torchwood team members Alice Guppy & Charles Gaskell in 1901. He remained frozen in the Torchwood Hub until he returned to the time in which he originally left. So Jack aged 1,874 years while buried (bringing him to 2051 years of age).

How old is Elizabeth in Pirates of the Caribbean 1?

Appearance. Following the film’s prologue, Elizabeth Swann is approximately 17-19 years old in The Curse of the Black Pearl, about 20 years old in Dead Man’s Chest, around 21-22 years old in At World’s End, and roughly 39-40 years old in Dead Men Tell No Tales.

How old is Hector Barbossa?

Nothing is known about his early exploits as a pirate prior to The Price of Freedom. In the novel, Barbossa, in his early 40s, is the captain of the pirate schooner Cobra.

How old is Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean 5?

The arc built through The Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man’s Chest continued in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, where Elizabeth and Will were around 21-22 years old.

What is Captain Jacks real name?

John BarrowmanDoctor Who
Captain Jack Harkness/Played by

Did the doctor have a child?

Descendants. At one point, the Doctor became the adoptive father to a female Time Lord named Miranda Dawkins, whom the Eighth Doctor reared until her mid-teens. (PROSE: Father Time) Miranda later gave birth to a daughter, Zezanne, and died while trying to protect the Doctor. (PROSE: Sometime Never…)

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