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How successful was the Maginot Line?

How successful was the Maginot Line?

The purpose of the Maginot Line was to secure France’s border with German so well that, even accounting for Germany’s much larger population and birth rate, no attack over the border could succeed. This was to be achieved with strong defenses and massive concentrations of artillery.

What was the purpose of the Maginot Line quizlet?

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What was the Maginot Line and why was it important to winning World War I?

The Maginot Line was intended to block the main German blow, if it should come via eastern France, and to divert the main blow through Belgium, where French forces would meet and stop the Germans.

What was the Maginot Line Why was it not successful?

Several factors contribute to why the Maginot Line was a defensive failure against the German invasion: the belief that the Line would be the only invasion entryway into France for the Germans, the wrong assumption that the Ardennes Forest was impenetrable, the failure to see that the German army opposite the Line was …

Why was the Maginot Line ineffective?

Why was the Maginot Line a failure?

What were two problems with the Maginot Line?

The Maginot Line was such an impressive piece of construction that dignitaries from around the world visited it. However, the Maginot Line had two major failings – it was obviously not mobile and it assumed that the Ardennes was impenetrable.

Who created the Maginot Line?

Maginot Line, elaborate defensive barrier in northeast France constructed in the 1930s and named after its principal creator, André Maginot, who was France’s minister of war in 1929–31.

How big is the Maginot Line?

At its broadest, the Maginot Line was more than 16 miles deep and was made up of a series of separate defensive layers. Up front were camouflaged observation points positioned right along the German border.

Was the Maginot Line effective?

The Maginot Line wasn’t ineffective. It was very effective, and did exactly what it was supposed to do. The Maginot Line was supposed to defend the eastern border of France, where it borders Germany. And it did that perfectly.

Where is the Maginot Line located?

Maginot Line (măzh´Ĭnō, Fr. mäzhēnō´), system of fortifications along the eastern frontier of France, extending from the Swiss border to the Belgian .

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