How to get two Tamagotchis to marry?

How to get two Tamagotchis to marry?

Once two Tamagotchis of opposite gender are old enough, are compatible versions and have a high enough friendship level, they can marry upon connecting. The female parent will produce two babies of the same gender and keep one of them, while the other one will be sent to the male parent.

How to marry in Tamagotchi Music Star?

If you connect a Familitchi and Music Star until they both reach their highest friendship levels, you can select ‘Mate’ and ‘Give’ on the Familitchi, and then select a Tamagotchi to send to your Music Star. The Familitchi character will appear as Nazotchi and will live with your Music Star Tamagotchi.

When did the Tamagotchi Music Star come out?

The Tamagotchi Music Star (billed as the Tamagotchi Connection Version 6 or V6 in the Asia/Oceania/Australia region) is a Tamagotchi released on November 28, 2008 in North America, in Europe in January 2009, and in Asia/Oceania/Australia in February 2009.

When does the Tamagotchi evolve into a band?

During the teen stage, the Tamagotchi will meet two other characters and form a band, which the user will be prompted to name. Once the user’s Tamagotchi becomes an adult, the other two bandmates will evolve upon their next meeting. The bandmates will each have a name for them generated for them automatically.

What do the music skill points on Tamagotchi mean?

Music Skill Points: Shown on the third screen, Music Skill Points represent the Tamagotchi’s overall musical talent. The three skills are Rhythm, Tone, and Original. These points are raised by playing the games and by practicing with the on-screen instrument.

How does the sound block work in Tamagotchi?

Sound Block – This game will raise the Original skill. Blocks appear on screen, and the Tamagotchi must jump on them as they appear and vanish in order to reach the goal block and progress to the next round. Blocks have numbers on them, counting down from 3 to 1, and vanish after 1.

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