How was Eddie wounded as a soldier?

How was Eddie wounded as a soldier?

The Captain shot Eddie in the leg to keep him from running further into the hut and burning to death. When Eddie finds this out he is furious with the Captain. Eddie’s life had never been the same after his injury. After his injury, he could no longer run or dance.

What ride killed Eddie?

Eddie jumps out of the way and tries to push a little girl out of the path of the falling cart. Eddie does not get out of the way in time and is killed by the falling cart. Eddie travels to heaven and meets his first person, the Blue Man.

How is Eddie responsible for the blue man’s death?

The Blue Man reveals that eight-year-old Eddie was responsible for the Blue Man’s death when he ran in front of the car the Blue Man was driving. there are no random acts. All lives are interconnected, and fairness does not govern life or death. The second person Eddie meets is his captain from the war.

Who was in Eddie’s unit during the war?

Eddie was taken with the Captain and three other men: Smitty, Morton, and Rabozzo. They were marched to a bamboo hut and forced to stay there for months, sleeping on the ground and nearly starving. Each day they were tormented by their guards, whom they called Crazy One, Crazy Two, Crazy Three, and Crazy Four.

How did Eddie trick his captors?

How do they escape their captors? Eddie juggles and distracts the Japanese soldiers.

What happens to Eddie’s leg *?

5. What happens to Eddie’s leg? The Captain shoots him to prevent Eddie from entering a burning tent.

What did Marguerite teach Eddie?

They remember their wedding, and in the end, Marguerite teaches Eddie that love is never lost in death, it just moves on and takes a different form. He begs her forgiveness for never making more of his life, never leaving his job at the pier, and for not giving her a better life she so richly deserved.

Who did Eddie see in the fire?

Eddie sees his father through one of the diner windows; he bangs on the window and yells for him, but he never looks up. The story flashes back to Eddie’s 24th birthday in the V.A hospital. Eddie’s father, Joe, Marguerite, Mickey Shea and his mother had all come to visit him.

Did Eddie save the little girl at the pier?

He tells her he fears that he failed to save her and he remembers feeling the little girl’s hands in his just before his death. Then, she reveals that it was her (Tala’s) hands that Eddie had felt instead as she pulled him safely up to Heaven. So, in reality, Eddie did manage to save the girl at Ruby Pier.

What did Eddie learn from the war in Heaven?

He has long blamed a faceless enemy for shooting him in the knee, but in Heaven, Eddie learns that his own Captain shot him to prevent him from entering the burning tent. Eddie learns that the Captain had to make a choice for Eddie – either he could let him die or he could salvage his life, even though he knew Eddie would be wounded forever.

Why did the captain shoot Eddie in the knee?

The Captain reminds Eddie of his wartime motto: “nobody gets left behind.” The Captain then confesses that he shot Eddie in the knee to stop him from running into the burning tent. The Captain justifies his actions by pointing out that he saved Eddie’s life. Eddie lunges at the Captain and they both fall out of the tree.

How did Eddie get out of the burning tent?

Eddie cannot bear the possibility of burning a child alive, so he drops his gun and runs into the burning tent. He stops when a shot hits him in the knee, and is badly burned when his fellow soldiers finally pull him out. The men hoist Eddie into a vehicle that the Captain has found.

Who are the soldiers in decribe Eddie’s captivity?

Four Filipino soldiers take five American soldiers captive, including Eddie and the Captain. They are imprisoned in bamboo barracks, and the Captain nicknames the enemy guards “Crazy One, Crazy Two, Crazy Three, and Crazy Four.”

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