Is a skink a good beginner pet?

Is a skink a good beginner pet?

viewers may wonder: do skunks really make good pets? In the case of wild skunks the answer is no. But domesticated skunks, which have been bred in captivity for over 60 years, are known to be quite docile and loving. Unlike cats and dogs, domesticated skunks lack homing instincts to find their way back.

What is the friendliest skink?

Blue Tongue Skinks
Blue Tongue Skinks are friendly, intelligent reptiles in general, and since they are easy to care for and low-maintenance animals, they make great pets overall. They are fairly easy to train and enjoy being handled, making them great reptile pets for novice owners too.

Which skink is the best pet?

Blue-tongued skinks are likely the best choice for keepers interested in breeding their pets. Blue-tongued skinks are widely available in captive-bred form, they often breed readily, and they are live-bearing lizards, meaning that you can side-step the need to incubate eggs.

Are skinks cuddly?

Everyone that I have seen with them say that the skinks love them. They have so much personality. Quigly can be quite cuddly also, maybe it’s because they know they can trust you.

Are there any skinks that make good pets?

However, skinks represent a diverse reptile group with more than 1,500 members, including many with no legs that move similarly to snakes. But not all 1,500 skink species make great pets. At present, six types of skinks are commonly considered to make good domestic pets.

Which is the most popular species of skink?

Named for their bright blue tongues that are used in defensive displays, blue tongue skinks (genus Tiliqua) are likely the most popular skinks among reptile keepers, and it is easy to see why: They’re relatively large, they’re typically docile and they are easy to care for.

Can a blue tongued skink be a pet?

Many skink species lay eggs and nest under foliage or under the edges of buildings, while a few give birth to live young. They can be very territorial and protective of their nest sites. There are lots of reasons why I recommend blue-tongued skinks over other types of skinks or even over many other reptiles as pets.

Can you keep a Schneider’s skink as a pet?

The temperament of Schneider’s skinks varies, but most are relatively flighty at first. This is understandable, as the vast majority available in the pet trade are wild-caught. However, in my experience, many Schneider’s skinks will calm down over time and accept regular, gentle handling. 3. “Blue-Tailed” Skink

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