Is Juliet Mills still married?

Is Juliet Mills still married?

Maxwell Caulfield and wife Juliet Mills have been married since 1980 despite their 18 year age difference. Good for them, to be married for 35 years is a proud accomplishment regardless of age…

Is Hayley Mills John Mills daughter?

Born Hayley Catherine Rose Vivien Mills in London, England, on Thursday, April 18th, 1946, she is the daughter of the great actor Sir John Mills and the well-known novelist-playwright Mary Hayley Bell. Her sister is the actress Juliet Mills.

When did Maxwell Caulfield get married?

1980 (Juliet Mills)
Maxwell Caulfield/Wedding dates

Maxwell, 61, and Juliet, 79, got married in 1980, two years before he bagged the leading role in the movie Grease 2. Their age gap is thought to have raised eyebrows at the time as he was 21 and she was around 39.

How old was Max Caulfield when he married Juliet Mills?

Maxwell, 61, and Juliet, 79, got married in 1980, two years before he bagged the leading role in the movie Grease 2.

Who is Hayley Mills Dad?

John Mills
Hayley Mills/Fathers
Mills was born into a showbiz family. Her father, John Mills, was a well-known actor who’d starred in “Great Expectations” and her mother, Mary Hayley Bell, was a playwright.

Is John Mills Hayley Mills Dad?

Early life and career. Mills was born on 18 April 1946, in Marylebone, London. She was 12 when she was discovered by J. Lee Thompson, who was initially looking for a boy to play the lead role in Tiger Bay, which co-starred her father, veteran British actor Sir John Mills.

Who are the husbands of Juliet Mills and Maxwell Caulfield?

Juliet Mills’s husband is Maxwell Caulfield Juliet Mills’s husband is Michael Miklenda Juliet Mills’s former partners: Juliet Mills’s former husband is Russell Alquist

Where did Maxwell Caulfield live as a child?

Maxwell Caulfield was born Maxwell Newby, on November 23, 1959, in Belper, Derbyshire, England. Maxwell has reportedly claimed that he was born in Glasgow, although there have been no confirmed sources for this information. By the time he was 7 years old, his parents had divorced.

Who is Juliet Mills younger sister Hayley Caulfield?

Juliet was fated to join the family business, as was her younger sister Hayley, 72, who starred in films such as Tiger Bay, The Parent Trap and Whistle Down The Wind – adapted from their mother’s novel. ‘My earliest memories are of going to my father’s film sets,’ Juliet says.

Who was Juliet Mills in the rare breed?

Nearly 40 years ago, Juliet Mills – acclaimed star of movies The Rare Breed with James Stewart and Avanti! with Jack Lemmon – hit the headlines. The eldest daughter of acting legend Sir John Mills and playwright Mary Hayley Bell was in love.

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