Is Lil JoJo a girl or boy?

Is Lil JoJo a girl or boy?

Lil JoJo, born Joseph Coleman, was shot and killed Sept. 4, 2012 in a drive-by shooting in his Englewood neighborhood on 69th street. He was 18. The girl said they shot like six times.”

Is Lil JoJo alive?

Deceased (1994–2012)
Lil Jojo/Living or Deceased

How old is JoJo Chicago?

18-year-old rapper JoJo was shot and killed in Chicago on Tuesday night, according to the Chicago Tribune. The MC, whose real name is Joseph Coleman, had been feuding with fellow Chicago rapper Chief Keef and his crew in recent months, though his death earned little sympathy from the “I Don’t Like” MC.

What BDK means?

Black Disciple Killers. BDK. Badly Drawn Kitties (online comic) BDK. Bad Design Kills.

What is Lil JoJo real name?

Joseph Coleman
Lil Jojo/Full name
Sardin was at one time linked, falsely, to the high-profile 2012 slaying of Lil JoJo, whose real name was Joseph Coleman. He had been feuding with the Black Disciples, along with rival rappers Lil Reese, Lil Durk and Chief Keef before the murder, Homicide Watch Chicago reported at the time.

Where was JoJo killed?

September 4, 2012, South Side, Chicago, IL
Lil Jojo/Assassinated

Who is Lil JoJo mother?

Robin Russell
Lil Jojo/Mothers

How old was Lil JoJo when he died?

Lil Jojo was born on April 6, 1994. Had he been alive, he would currently have been 27 years old as of 2021. Sadly, the rapper was gunned down on September 4, 2012. Before his assassination took his life, he and his gang members used to celebrate his birthday on the 6th of April.

How did Lil Jojo start his rap career?

Lil Jojo began his career as a rapper after releasing his first single, “BDK 3hunnak” after being inspired by his step-brother. He was involved with the gang, Gangster Disciples. and the single was aimed at the rival gang, Black Disciples”.

Who is Lil Jojo from the south side of Chicago?

Lil Jojo was an up and coming artist from the south side of Chicago, he had numerous youtube song videos which were very popular. Lil Jojo was part of the criminal gang ‘Gangster Disciples’, and was associated with ‘069 Bricksquad’ which is a faction of the Gangster Disciples.

Who is the half brother of Lil Jojo?

Lil Jojo spent most of his early days with his half-brother, John Coleman. Initially, John was more interested in the music career and was rapping by the stage name of, Swagg Dinero. Joseph later became drawn towards the same path as John and began his career as a rapper with the stage name, Lil Jojo.

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